Crypto art: A solution or a problem for the art community?


Cryptocurrency refers to a digital currency that can be exchanged and used for buying and selling purposes, the only difference being people do not bother to focus on its physical existence. While Art is defined as the sum of creative skills exhibited by a proficient person that crafts reality out of imagination and presents it in a visual (physical or digital) form. When we combine the two concepts, Crypto and Art, some people may be confused regarding how they should be defined! Crypto art is a specialized category of art that is based on blockchain technology. Artists associated with this particular genre are called “Crypto artists”. 

Cryptocurrency, Decentralized finance, and Blockchain have made their scope in every single field. Similarly, the artwork that revolves around Cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin is roughly called “CryptoArt”. The second opinion about this concept is that CryptoArt is the involvement of cryptocurrency in the process of buying and selling arts. The main purpose of combining two different industries together is to give maximum value to digital arts, making them unique. This idea is acceptable and has a logical and political ground. However, unfortunately, it is not known and utilized by the majority of people operating in the Arts or Crypto industry. This write-up covers unique details about the CryptoArt that is top-trending these days and how it gives maximum benefits to the artists!

CryptoArt for Artists: Sell your Art as NFT

If you are looking for some platform where you can sell your arts by making use of Cryptocurrency, Crowd Strength must be your ultimate destination. CrowdStrength is a team-based art project that focuses on combining the masses to bring out their talent more effectively and in an efficient way. As a result, the whole ecosystem achieves splendid benefits.

An artist may not find a better platform than CrowdStrength due to its amazing delights that no one else in the market is offering currently. CrowdStrength believes in adding up human talent to generate a diverse pool of artwork that sells on online platforms like “Foundation” to the highest bidders. It then provides high-paying revenues depending on the efforts each artist has invested in.

This is an age of digital skills that have got the potential to provide you a full-time professional career. People who are inspired by arts, and know some digital skills such as photography, video graphics, graphic designing, video content, etc are highly encouraged to develop a bond with CrowdStrength and enter the world of stabilized success where their talent is recognized and they get paid for their creations.

If you are wondering how to join this stream, it is quite simple and easy. There are five different categories of groups of artists for everyone – both beginners and existing members. Each group of artists has a specific number of artists, Level, Edition, and a set of certain policies, terms, and conditions that you have to follow. The number of floating artworks is equal to 15 at a time divided proportionally into 5 categories. You can drop your content at CrowdStrength only once and it can be tokenized content as well. It is up to this platform if it passes on this content to optimize it to make it reach its fullest potential. Your piece of work is combined with other patchworks in the process and if it is utilized to be a part of the final artwork, you are going to get paid for your contribution.

After you get associated with a category of artists, you start to make money by providing your art creations to the platform. You join the crowd as an artist, drop your content and wait for the revenues. All this task is not done alone, CrowdStrength has a properly built community of skilled artists that are picked by CrowdStrength itself.

The content is sold as NFT on Foundation and each artist gets the share he deserves as per his efforts. Generally, the share value is kept as 50:50 between the artists and CrowdStrength. You will be surprised to know that generally artists are paid only once. But while working with CrowdStrength, you get an excellent opportunity to earn over and over again. If your content is used twice, you will be paid according to that, and so on.

Relationship between CryptoArt and CrowdStrength Project

Switching back to CryptoArt, how it shares a deep linkage with CrowdStrength is something that is going to trigger your interest. In CrowdStrength, digital content is published in the form of NFT on the blockchain. As a result, all your transactions and sales are guarded inside cryptography. In this way, being an artist you can utilize Cryptocurrency and your talent combined, to an optimum level. CryptoArt is your signature mark on your digital art that makes it known by your name regardless of the fact how many times it has been replicated, it will still be owned by you. Join CrowdStrength cloud faster because it facilitates more number of artworks and more chances of making money!

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