Create animated videos to drive traffic to your website

animated videos

The way in which users consume content is constantly changing. If info graphics were once the star resource for disseminating knowledge, now that position is occupied by corporate videos. The online videos are booming and growth according to various studies as to viewing advertising minutes has only just begun. The trends of this content format are positive, which is why more and more companies are betting on this audiovisual format. 

Creating animated videos is a very effective bet by companies since they ensure greater public attraction. First, because users like to see stories in animated videos, and second, because creating animated videos helps the organic positioning of your website, as this type of content ranks very well. Apart from all this, creating animated videos is a plus for your brand, since it gives it greater visibility and gives it an aspect of modernity and closeness to the public that is very well received.

Despite all the benefits of creating animated videos, many companies still do not bet on them for the economic handicap. The creation of audiovisual content usually requires an economic outlay that not all companies can make at this time. 

Free tools to create animated videos

Luckily, today browsing the Internet you can find many resources and tools to help you achieve your goals, and if creating animated videos is one of them, there are also resources available. If you want to make the move to video and experience for yourself the attraction of traffic that it can mean for your website at a very low price, take note of the following tools: 

It is a tool with a very simple user interface. The graphics play against them, since the images they have saved are of low quality and of little variety, but they allow you to upload your own images.


It is a very complete and easy to use tool. Its images and available music can be used without problems, but its strength lies in the automation of transitions, which bring great dynamism to the video.

In addition, to get fully customized video animation, you can count on Video Animation services or any other agency that fits to your requirements. 

Templates or customization

The eternal dilemma of companies that want to create animated videos to include in their marketing strategies is whether they use their own templates or videos. Both options are not comparable to each other, so for you to decide the best thing is to know the strengths and weaknesses of each of them. 

Videos with templates

The cheapest option on the market to make videos is to do it with templates. These templates, in addition to being a more affordable option for the pocket, allow change possibilities, with which you can modify the base template as you need to adapt it to your tastes. The creation time of this type of videos is less, since starting from an already created base saves much less time than capturing what is needed from scratch. 

Custom videos

Personalized videos stand out from the rest due to the high degree of personalization, which gives you the opportunity to really capture your business personality in the video and to be able to differentiate yourself from other companies that make business videos. Personalized videos are characterized by great creativity and dedication, two qualities that are highly appreciated by today’s consumer, thereby achieving greater visitor attraction. The changes that can be made in this type of video are very high, but it is also true that all this entails a higher price than the rest of the video creation options on the market. 

Both in templates and in videos started from scratch, it is best to go to an online video creation professional, who will help you capture all your ideas in a few seconds of video, adapting to your needs and also to your budget.


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