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Cosmetic Practitioner Talks About Lip Injection Trends

Lip injections have become a recent trend all across the country. With how many other cosmetic treatments one can find, it begs the question of why this particular procedure has stepped into the spotlight. This is not information that mere research could help us find. We needed an internal source, one that could inform us of all the nuances that make lip injections worth it.

In New York lip injections have become immensely popular and to answer the question of why so many individuals are choosing to augment the lips, NYC board certified practitioner Dr. Schwarzburg is here to help. His Manhattan-based cosmetic dermatology clinic has treated countless patients with lip fillers among their many other cosmetic treatments. The main driving force behind Dr. Schwarzburg’s work is to make minimally invasive cosmetic treatments accessible for as many NYC residents as possible.

I: Let’s first approach the topic of lip injections from a broader context and understand the general state of cosmetic treatments today.

It’s certainly a very broad take on the beauty industry, but I’ll do my best. In the last decade, cosmetic treatments have gotten way more popular. With this rising demand, more and more practitioners started popping up across the country. I, for example, work from Manhattan, and NYC alone is home to many of my counterparts because there is a big market for it. But even smaller cities and more rural areas are seeing more and more practitioners setting up shop. So, a very generalized summary would be to say that cosmetic treatments are more popular than they have ever been and this trend continues to pick up speed.

I: Obviously, the pandemic has affected all kinds of businesses. For some, the effect is a positive one, for others, it has been disastrous. How has your operation been affected by the pandemic?

Initially, it was very difficult, since very few people were coming in. Who is going to want a facial rejuvenation when they’re in a rush to stock up on supplies? But as time went on and the more time people spent under lockdown, I believe it gave them more opportunities to look at their self-image. When you’re stuck at home, you have more time to pay attention to yourself and your looks. I think as a result of this newfound self-reflection, there has been a big surge of people looking to get treated with all kinds of cosmetic treatments, from facial enhancements to body contouring. So, while it was quite hard at the beginning of the pandemic, I think if there is one good thing to come out of it, it’s that people began being more aware of how they look. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look better (whatever “better” means to you); it’s a feeling we all get from time to time and it is completely natural.

Moving on, Dr. Schwarzburg went into more specifics of lip enhancements and their place in the world of cosmetic treatments. There are various types of procedures that can enlarge the lips, but filler-based treatments have been a huge trend in recent years.

I: Would you say that lip injections are a big part of what you do?

If we’re talking about whether it is a popular treatment, then yes, most definitely. You’ll find many lip enlargement or enhancement treatments out there, but the one we perform is one of the most effective. We’ve had many patients come in who had vaguely heard about dermal filler lip enhancements. Even though they did not really know much about the procedure and how it works, they were still very excited to see the results.

I: In cases like that, where the patients don’t know much about the treatment, are you transparent with the information?

Definitely. Communication is a huge part of any successful cosmetic treatment. You need to understand what the patient is looking for and what results they can expect. On the other hand, the patient also needs to know what to expect from the procedure, any preparation they need to take care of, side effects, and all the rest. Informing patients new to a particular treatment is a regular task for us.

I: So you give the patients all the information they need on filler-based lip injections. What is the one aspect of this treatment that entices them into saying “yes” to it?

I attribute it to two very big reasons. First of all: much like the many other treatments we perform, lip injections are minimally invasive. In plastic surgery or cosmetic treatment, any procedure that causes barely any damage to the skin is considered “minimally invasive”. Lip injections are minimally invasive, which means the procedure is not as painful, it also doesn’t take as long; the side effects are also a lot more forgiving than other similar treatments. The second reason I believe has to do with the results. People are always scared of those duck lips we’ve seen in some celebrity gossip images. The filler compound used in the lip injections is very versatile and very convenient to work with. It allows us to create more plump lips without making them look artificial.

I: Obviously, this is not something that most practitioners have a problem with, but what happens if the patient doesn’t like the results? How long does it take the compound to dissolve?

The time it takes for the compound to break down and dissolve by itself is very long. Instead, we have a faster alternative. There is a compound called “hyaluronidase” which dissolves the dermal filler when it comes into contact with. Any time a patient isn’t entirely happy with the results, we just inject this compound to finetune the appearance of the lips. We can also use it to get rid of the filler compound entirely. Otherwise, lip fillers take a very long time to dissolve on their own; up to a year, depending on how your body reacts to the compound.


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