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Consider Some Important Factors Before Buying Hit-Hat Stands

If you are a professional drummer, you will understand the importance of having a hit-hat stand. If we talk about the drum sets, the drum pedal is very important, and nothing can be done without it. Similarly, a hit-hat stand is a primary hardware, and it affects directly the sound, performance, and settings of the drum set.

As there are numerous options available in these stands, there are so many factors you need to consider the right one. Below we are going to share some important factors that will help you get the one that suits your needs and preferences.

Some Important Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Hit-Hat Stand:

Considering all the factors before buying the hit-hat is very important because only then, you would be able to purchase them accurately, according to your requirements. While purchasing it online, always check on authentic websites so that you can get good quality and durable hit-hat stands.

Now, let’s have a look at the following factors to buy the best stand:

  1. Legs

When you start searching for a hit-hat stand, you will find two different types of these stands. One of them contains two legs, and this type of stand is good for setting up multiple pedals, just like twin pedals.

On the other hand, there is a three-legged stands model available that contains rotating legs and also has the feature of a twin pedal setting.

  1. Weight

The second fundamental factor that is important to consider while purchasing a hit-hat stand is the “weight” of the stand. The weight has a direct impact on sound and stability. There are heavy-duty hi-hat stands also available in the market. These heavy-duty stands are more stable and produce a significantly tighter sound that is similar to the “rock” sound.

Moreover, some of the jazz drummers like to purchase the light stand as they produce cymbal tones naturally. The hit-hat stand with a single leg is quite a light model.

  1. Function

You need to know about all of the features of the hit-hat stand. Some of its essential features are:

  • Adjustment option of spring tension
  • Adjustment option of the footboard angle
  • Spike insertion and also removal option
  • Leg rotation features and many others

All of the above-listed features depend upon the product. As the greater the number of features will be available in the hit-hat stand, the greater the cost of the stand will be.

  1. Felt

While purchasing a hit-hat stand, you have the option to try it. Using before buying is very helpful in selecting the best model you want.

Furthermore, experimenting with the hit-hat stand allows the users to find out about their desired features, like the thickness, stiffness of the stand, and the felt material. It is very important to consider because it can change the quality of the sound.

  1. Accessories

Lastly, one more significant thing to consider is the accessories that are available along with these hit-hat stands. But, the settings are different for stands. Like, when playing twin bass, both of the legs of the stands are closed and the hit-hat remains open.

Besides this, different accessories can help you in closing the hit-hats without putting pressure on the hi-hat pedal. Instead of the pedal, a hi-hat clutch can help close the hit-hat as these are the unique accessories for the hit-hat stands.

The Final Thoughts

When you correctly know about all the factors that can affect your hit-hat stand, you can purchase the best one according to your requirements. There are so many different models available for hit-hat stands that possess different features. But, always purchase these stands from authentic and genuine stores or websites online.

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