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Thursday, May 13, 2021

10 Simple Steps to Clean Your Water Tanks To Have Healthy Water

Most of the people give a great importance to the cleanliness of the fresh and pure drinking water. They know a good health is dependent on the quality of the water and if you drink water that is impure; your health is at risk. So, taking into account the health of the family and the loved ones, many people install the best RO water purifier for home to get the pure drinking water. But, most of the people don’t give importance to the water that they store in to the water tanks at top of their floor. We use the water from water tanks on daily basis for brushing our teeth, for taking bath, for cleaning dishes, for moping, for cooking and for many other purposes. But we fail to realize that clean and pure water is important for these daily routine tasks as well.

If you are drinking water from the water purifier but you are using tank water for brushing and cooking, then your health is still at risk.

So, taking this into account, one should understand that the maintenance of water tanks is important in order to ensure a healthy life.

Here in this article, I am going to mention 10 simple steps to clean your water tanks to have healthy water.

Steps to Clean Water Tanks

  1. Drain out all the water from the water tank, turn off the water pump and open all the water supply taps.
  2. Clean all the area that is surrounding the tank and top of the tank. So that when you start cleaning inside the tank, no dust or dirt or other materials came into the tank.
  3. Disinfect all the tools that you are going to use in cleaning the water tank. That includes mops, towels, buckets and other tools that are required for rubbing and scratching the walls and bottom of the water tank.
  4. Use a sludge pump to drain out all the water and sludge from the water tank.
  5. To remove the stains, fungus, sediments and dirt from the wall and the bottom of the tank, manually scrub the walls and bottom.
  6. Use high pressure water to wash the ceiling, floor and the walls of the water tank.
  7. To remove all the mud from the tank, use water buckets and to remove the dust and dirt, use the vacuum pump to properly clean the water tank.
  8. With the help of liquid bleach mixture or with the anti-bacterial spray disinfect the water tank.
  9. To disinfect the water pipes and taps, fill the tank and keep the taps open.
  10. All the water will be drained out of the tank from the water pipes. And now, leave it for some time to get dry.

That is it. We are all done and now our water tank is ready to use it for clean and healthy water for different purposes. Just make sure that during the annual buildings inspection; also do inspection of your water tank.

If you find any moisture around the water tank, it means your water tank is leaking, so get it repaired before its too late. A damaged water tank can not only increase your water bill, but it will be open for the dirt and ash to enter into the water and can be risky for your health.

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