Can Video Improve your WordPress Website?


Do you know why it is essential to have a video on your WordPress website? Well, this article will tell you the advantages of having videos on your WordPress blog. By reading this article, you will be able to understand how video can add benefits to your WordPress blog.

What are the advantages of having videos on your WordPress website?

First of all, the videos are more interactive. In particular, people find it easier to read if they are involved with the visuals. This way, you can encourage visitors to spend more time viewing your blog. It can also help to create a more professional atmosphere. Just by adding a video to your WordPress blog, visitors will believe that you are an authority on the topic, and you will be taken more seriously as a blogger.

Another advantage is that your visitors will be able to see your name and face in your video. So, this will create the opportunity to build a relationship with them. Of course, as your visitor gets familiar with your blog, he/she will get to know more about you and in turn, will visit your website or leave your site. So, having a video on your website can help you in this respect as well.

Video files are easier to share than the normal text. If you are uploading a video file for your blog, you can easily use a video sharing site such as YouTube and easily share the link with your visitors. This will not only increase your popularity on the internet but will also help you in improving your image on the web.

How do videos improve your WordPress website?

There are many ways in which a video file can improve the quality of your blog. One of the best advantages of video is that it provides a personal touch to your blog. A visitor coming to your blog may not be aware of your blog and may not have any questions related to your topic. However, with a video clip, he/she can get to know you and your blog more. In this way, they will be able to identify with you and what you are talking about.

Another thing about having a video is that it makes your website more search engine friendly. Search engines usually index the websites that have videos, more so those that are made for a specific purpose. So, if you make a video on your website related to your topic, you will be able to get more visitors from search engines.

In addition, video can also improve your blog by giving it a better visual appeal. Visitors are always looking for something visually appealing in the websites they are visiting. With a video clip, you will be able to please your visitors by ensuring that it will improve the look and appeal of your website. Visitors will want to visit your website if it is easy to read, has a clear picture and is interesting. With video, this is definitely possible.

Tips on adding videos to your WordPress website

You do not need to make multiple videos for each and every blog post. You may just add one video on your blog, and that will do. Moreover, you should make sure that the video is relevant to your blog post. If your video is not relevant, you will lose the traffic directed to your website.

The number of visitors attracted to your blog using the help of video is directly proportional to the video’s traffic count. The more the traffic is, the more visitors will be attracted to your website. If you want to attract more visitors, you will need to optimise the videos that you make. You can use the WordPress plugin from to help you with adding videos to your website. If you use flash and audio files in your video, you will be able to attract more traffic because these types of files are very popular among internet users.

Why do you need videos on your WordPress website?

First of all, a video can make your blog more search engine friendly and would also attract more visitors. Also, the video will make your blog more interesting. Finally, the video can also improve the visual appeal of your website. All these factors can attract more visitors to your website, thus, creating more engagement. If you make a video about a certain topic, people will be attracted to view it. They might even talk about your blog in the comments section of the video!


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