Bidets – Which Kind Is Right for You?


bidet is generally a long tub or receptacle made to be sat upon for the explicit purpose of cleaning the private genitalia, perineum, buttock, and inner thighs. Today’s bidets are usually a form of sink-top fixture typically subject to local sanitation regulations and vented water output. This has made the bidet an acceptable treatment option in homes where people are not keen on using toilet paper. However, since bidets are also used for body washes, it is not only hygienic but can also be quite costly. Fortunately, there are several cost-effective, even cheap, bidet alternatives that you can find today.

One of the oldest and longest-serving bidets is the traditional toilet bidet. These bidets have a simple basin attached to an attached spout with a long hose that supplies warm water. This type of bidet does require that water be used up and refilled regularly. The basin is generally placed in a position that allows the user to sit down and perform the procedure. The latest version of this bidet features an electric toilet nozzle that eliminates the need to manually refill the water.

A new bidet by Philips Norelco is the Aqua Jet. This model is the newest in the line of Philips toilet bidets. It has a water jet nozzle that provides a superior cleaning job versus that of the older bidets. The Aqua Jet utilizes a pre-loaded cartridge that contains a lubricant for maximum effectiveness.

Another type of bidet that is available to users in the Middle East is called Mo. This bidet has two different settings: cold and warm. It uses a tank that holds warm water and the hot water is dispensed from the hot water nozzle. This option is ideal for persons who live in an area where the water temperature can vary regularly.

Users in the Middle East may need to find other means of cleansing their rectum other than using a bidet. If this is the case, they may need to look at other options. They could install a shower wand. This wand is placed in the shower and water is sprayed onto the body. The shower wand does require that the user carry around extra water.

Another option for persons in the Middle East is to use solar power to power the bidet. One drawback of this option is that many devices need to be properly connected and several accessories are necessary for it to work. The bidet will require at least one water hose and one spray nozzle. These items can be purchased separately.

For those living in the United States, there are many bidets available for purchase. Toilets that are meant for bidets usually come with separate spray nozzles and rims. These bidets may not have separate toilet paper holders. Toilet paper dispensers are usually attached to the bidet to allow for easy cleaning after a bowel movement. Bathroom bidets that attach to the wall do not have toilet paper holders.

For those living in areas where the temperature can be extreme, a bidet may be the only way to cleanse the body. Most bidets contain jets that can reach the uppermost reaches of the rectum. Jets are activated by spraying water over them. This is done either manually or by having someone gently push the button. The heated air created by the jet helps to draw water to the rectum. The temperature of the water dispenses from the nozzle and is released to the air once it has been heated by the jet.



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