Best food for people with diabetes


People with diabetes need to take care a lot about their diet because diet plays a vital role in their life.  

Your daily diet affects your blood glucose level and increased blood glucose level indicates to take serious action to control it. Insulin is a hormone (produced by the beta cells) that regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates, starch, protein, and fat. Insulin controls the blood sugar level by transferring the absorption of glucose from blood to the liver. You need to consult a dietitian for a perfect diet but you can try some best food and drinks specially made for people with diabetes.

Drinks for people with diabetes:

If you are living with diabetes then you need to check and balance the number of carbohydrates and sugar because a drink rich in sugar can cause several health hazards. You can choose and enjoy low-sugar sports drink if you are diabetic. If you are doing exercise to control the sugar level then your blood sugar level can be low than normal which is more dangerous and you need to take care of your heart too if you are diabetic. The drink you choose must be based on your exercise and blood sugar level hence low-sugar sports drink is the best option for you. 

Water is suitable for people with diabetes because water do not contain any carbohydrate, calorie, and sugar but water is unable to fulfill requirements of minerals which are excreted from the body during exercise. 

Low sugar sports drink contain a suitable amount of electrolytes in it and made up of organic and pure ingredients some best low sugar sports drinks are as follows:


Hydrate is suitable for you if you are living with diabetes because six ingredients in it contain only 1g of sugar and it is made up of organic ingredients like coconut water, lemon juice magnesium minerals, and vitamin C. you can also choose a vega sports electrolyte hydrator and primitive scientific whole food electrolyte powder because these drinks are prepared with the purpose to aid you in diabetes. 

Dunkin’ donuts:

Dunkin’ donuts are liked by almost every person everywhere in the world but donuts are not a suitable diet for you if you are diabetic because they are rich in sugar and carbohydrates. If you are diabetic and want to enjoy donuts as your friends do you can look for Dunkin donuts for diabetics because these donuts and drinks are prepared after consulting with a dietitian. Some of the products are listed below 

Multigrain oatmeal: 

Multigrain oatmeal at dunkin’ donuts is a healthy diet for people with diabetes it contains 5g of protein and dietary fiber which is also helpful for your digestion. 

It also contains whole grains. 

Whole wheat bagel:

The whole-wheat bagel at dunkin’ donuts is far more different from the typical white bagel because it contains 320 calories and 13g of protein, which is not harmful to you even if you are diabetic.

Hot coffee and tea:

Dunkin’ donuts provide you hot coffee and tea, which is unsweetened. Cold coffee and iced tea are also available which you can drink if you want to add some milk you can add skim milk.

Not only these you can choose several more things at Dunkin donuts if you are diabetic like ham, egg, and cheese wake-up wrap and egg white turkey sausage flatbread. 

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