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Best Data Science Certifications Available Online

Data science refers to the collection and study of data so that various meaningful information can be extracted from it. It helps the organizations to create effective strategies from the information. Also, this can prove useful for the companies to reduce costs, find new market opportunities, enhance efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage in the industries.

For becoming a data scientist, you need to gain expertise in various skills. Some of the popular ones are statistics, programming languages, data collection, data transformation, data wrangling, data exploration, machine learning, deep learning, data visualization, big data, etc.

Since data science is a new career, it has not an adequate supply of skilled professionals in this field. That’s why this profession has a rising demand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sees strong growth in the data science field and predicts the number of jobs will increase by about 28% through 2026. To give that 28% a number, that is roughly 11.5 million new jobs in the field. This shows how interesting data science can be as a career option. For this reason, professionals over the world are taking the next step towards upskilling themselves through data science programs. Read out the rest of the article below to find out more about the best Data Science programs available online.

Online Data Science Certifications

The best online courses from which you can learn data science are listed below:

Master’s program in Data science by Simplilearn

This data science course by Simplilearn is offered in collaboration with IBM. This will provide you with the benefits of IBM Hackathons, ask me anything sessions from experts and masterclasses. With the data science certification training, you will gain hands-on exposure to some of the important technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, python, R, Tableau, Hadoop, Spark, etc.

Key features- exclusive hackathons and live interactions with IBM experts, 220+ hours of live interaction learning, capstone and 15+ real-life projects, Simplilearn job assist.

Courses covered- Data Science with R programming, Data Science with Python, Machine learning, Tableau Training, Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer, Data Science Capstone.

Become a Data scientist by Udacity

The data scientist nanodegree program is offered by Udacity. It will help you work on projects designed by industry experts, design experiments, learn to run data pipelines, build recommendation systems, and deploy solutions to the cloud. As a result, you will be trained to become a successful data scientist in this dynamic business environment. The prerequisites required for an individual to fulfill are Python, SQL, and Statistics.

Key features- real-world projects from industry experts, technical mentor support, flexible learning program, career services.

Topics covered- solving data science problems, software engineering for data scientists, data engineering for data scientists, experiment design and recommendations, data science projects.

Professional Certificate in Data Science by Edx

The professional certificate in data science is offered by HarvardX university on the online learning platform Edx. The program will train you to face complicated real-life challenges and thus brainstorm a solution for them.

Key Features- expert instructions, self-paced courses, Duration of 1 year and half months(approximately).

Courses covered- Data Science: R basics, Data Science: visualization, Data Science: Probability, Data Science: Inference and Modeling, Data Science: Productivity tools, Data Science: wrangling, Data Science: Linear regression, Data Science: Machine learning, Data Science: Capstone.

Master’s in Information and Data Science by Berkeley School of Information

The Master’s in Information and Data Science is offered by UC Berkeley School of Information. It offers online learning and has flexible plans for you.

Key features-comprehensive and multidisciplinary curriculum, flexible program paths, industrial projects.

Skills covered- research design, data engineering, statistical analysis, data visualization, data cleansing, data mining and exploring, information ethics and privacy, machine learning.

Machine learning crash course by Google

This machine learning crash course by Google aims at introducing you to the fundamental knowledge of machine learning and AI. it will also give you real-life world experience with the Kaggle competition.

Key features- 25 lessons, 30+ exercises, lectures from Google researchers, real-world case studies, interactive sessions.

Topics covered- machine learning concepts and tools, data representation, deep neural network, model effectiveness, etc.


It is big data that has gained popularity for several years. Data science has also emerged from it. This trend is soon going to take over industries and businesses. Also, it is mentioned previously that data science organizations have been demanding skilled professionals in Data Science.This shows very clearly that the new professionals need to be highly skilled in all aspects. The professionals or fresh graduates wishing to start a career in data science should start their careers by learning all these required skills. One of the convenient ways is to look for an online data science program that will meet all your needs. It will not just train you with theoretical skills, but it comes with interactive sessions with industry experts. As such, you will then become industry-ready.


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