Best 10 pest control ideas to keep pest away

pest control
pest control

Are you tired of pests like cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, and bugs at your home and tried almost every chemical method to kill them but they appear after somedays at your place, roaming around your house like zombies? You should not be worry now because here we will share the 10 best pest control ideas to keep pests away from your house.

1.    Keep your house clean.


Keep in mind that insects are only attractive towards the unclean and unhygienic environment. So, if you want to get rid of them keep your house especially your kitchen and bathroom clean and tidy. Don’t leave anything uncovered for the feast of insects like cockroaches, mosquitoes, or bugs. Every family member visits these places. Also, your living area, garage, and balcony should be clear and well ordered.

2.    Keep an eye on water drainage.


Many bugs like mosquito grow on standing water no matter clean or dirty, so keep an eye on water drainage and fix the issue on time before your house become a nursery for pests.

3.    Clean your garden regularly.


If you have a garden regularly clean it and make a proper way for decomposing for garden waste. Don’t take gardening tools inside your house also don’t keep any indoor plants they may be a cause for a moist culture that is suitable for many insects.

4.    Keep the garbage outside and covered.


Make a habit of regularly disposing of your trash or garbage. Always use a garbage bag over the dustbin before putting any garbage, don’t put the wet waste, and if possible, make a separate wet wastebasket. You can also put some newspaper at the bottom to keep your garbage dry and smell-free.

5.    Weakly clean your house thoroughly.


For a pest-free environment, regular cleanliness is not enough you should clean your entire house every week with any kind of disinfectant. You can add half a cup of vinegar to 1 bucket of water and wipe off your floor, stairs, and garage. You can spray pesticides on the same day so you will be relaxed for the next seven days

6.    Keep your pantry as clean as a whistle.

“Don’t throw it, store it in the pantry” we often use this phrase for many useless things and put a lot of them in that pantry. Pantries also need attention as they play a big role in our house. If you don’t manage things there, they may be a good habitat for bugs. So, keep visiting your pantry, declutter extra items, dust the shelves, and boom, no more pests.

7.    Your refrigerator should be squeaky clean.

We almost keep every edible thing in our refrigerator but what if flies, bugs, and roaches get there too. So, if we don’t want any pests in our house, we should also keep our refrigerator clean and fresh. Don’t leave any dirty plate, rotten fruit, or vegetable in the refrigerator. Also, keep everything cover and lid on.

8.    Keep the door and windows closed.


The best way to prevent pest is to stop them from entering your place, for this, you can keep your doors close and windows shut. If your area faces humidity and hot weather most of the year you can have a net on windows and net doors so pest are not allowed to enter.

9.    Don’t store fruits and vegetables for a long time.

Always bring home enough amount of fruit and vegetables that you can consume before they start rotting, keep them covered either outside or in the refrigerator. Wash them properly so no outside fly or maggot enters the house.

10. Throw away things of no use.

Always keep an eye on things like old clothes, shoes, boxes, or toys that have not been used in a while maybe a good home for pests like wasps, spiders, flies. So, remove them on time before you will see an army of pests there.

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