What Is The Average Cost Of A Senior Independent Living Community? 

What Is The Average Cost Of A Senior Independent Living Community?

The cost you need to pay for a senior home in Calgary varies greatly. Many factors decide the overall expense of a senior living amenity, and it is a subjective question. Many seniors require intensive care, and the cost of such amenities is higher than the independent living community. In Canada, the average cost of retirement homes can range from $1,453 to around $6000. Retirement homes in Calgary and Airdrie fall in lower ranges with excellent services.  

Cost of retirement homes in Canada: 

It is not essential to spend your retirement in the same city where you lived for your job. Seniors often prefer cities with natural landscapes and senior-friendly populations for their retirement. The cost of retirement homes varies in different Canadian provinces. Alberta is no doubt, the best choice to spend your retirement period because thats what everyone love. You can find many senior homes in Calgary and Airdrie. Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec are also famous among the retired population. Following is the cost-breakdown for your convenience:

  1. Cost in Alberta:

Alberta is the best for those who are seeking affordable retirement houses with better services. The healthcare services are great, and most senior living amenities offer secondary healthcare services like physio and nursing for more dependent seniors. Airdrie is by far the most famous city among the senior community. You can find many affordable options to spend your retirement period in Airdrie. Retirement homes in Calgary are equipped with top-notch services for both active and dependent senior citizens. The cost of senior independent livings falls between $1800-$2700 per month in Alberta.

  1. Cost in BC:

British Columbia is full of options for those who are seeking a perfect retirement life. On average, you need to pay $2250 per month for an independent living amenity because of normal costs. The cost is higher for those who prefer assisted living.

  1. Cost in Ontario:

Ontario boasts the widest range of retirement homes. Ontario will never disappoint you whether you are looking for expensive options or seeking a senior home on a budget. Just make sure that you do some homework to find the best retirement home that fulfills your need. On average, the cost of senior independent living is $3000 in Ontario.

  1. Cost in Quebec:

Quebec is considered the most affordable province for the retirement community. The average cost is fairly below $1600 per month, and you can find supportive peer groups while living in Quebec. Its one of the best points above all of them.

Difference between assisted living and independent living:

The overall cost that you will spend on your retirement home in Calgary depends upon the type of amenity you select for yourself. You need to take your needs and health status into account to better decide between assisted or independent living. Assisted living homes for seniors are equipped with better in-home healthcare services and efficient nursing staff. Seniors with Alzheimer’s or other health comorbidities prefer assisted living. Independent senior livings are for those who are in good overall health. These amenities are designed with central dining halls and community rooms with more active programs. The cost of independent living is lower than assisted living.

Things that decide the cost:

You must consider some factors when selecting a retirement home in Calgary. It is wise to visit the physical location and inspect their services properly before signing the contract. Following are the question that you need to ask from the management:

  • Which services are included in accommodation charges?

Best senior homes offer a wide range of services in their monthly rent. You don’t need to pay extra for your laundry, housekeeping, or alarm protection. WiFi and connectivity are often included in your monthly charges. All the basic needs like heat, hydro, washing, etc., are also included in the rent you pay to these retirement homes. Additional services may come at some extra cost. 

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  • What is included in the meals?

It is essential to consider your diet while living in a retirement home Because of some reasons. Professional amenities hire certified nutritionists to design the most senior-friendly meal plans for their optimal health. The menu should be dynamic and flexible. Check if they offer services like bistro or café for a more lavish experience. You may need to pay extra for the guests as only your meal is covered in the overall cost.

  • The cost associated with healthcare services:

You must know that independent senior living is for those who are healthy and active. Seniors with more dependent lifestyles may need assisted living facility for better pampering. All the additional healthcare services like in-house or visiting healthcare come with an extra bill. Some retirement homes in Calgary offer central pharmacy for medication administration services.


The cost of a senior independent living community in Canada varies widely depending upon the area, services, and type. Retirement homes in Calgary, Alberta, fall in affordable ranges because of location. The average cost of a retirement home in Alberta for independent living is $2300. 




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