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Are Cockroaches Attracted to Light?

Cockroaches, the most appalling pests are prolific breeders and should not be taken lightly. Studies claim that the ancestors of this species emerged on earth almost 300-350 million years ago, during the Carboniferous period. However, the species that now roam around your house is quite different from their ancestors but carry the same behaviour. 

Cockroaches are nocturnal, which means they are super active during the night- time, but we see a lot of them in the daytime too. It is extremely complicated to understand the behaviour of these pests, but from common observation, it can be concluded that cockroaches are mostly not attracted to light.

The behaviour of a cockroach- a comparative report

If you suddenly switch on your kitchen light in the middle of the night, it is very natural to spot this pest finding a way to hide. These insects find the night to be their best time to come out and search for food. 

Usually, in almost every kitchen there is leftover food, and these tiny creatures show much interest in eating the remnants. So, whenever there is a blink of light they scatter everywhere. 

During the daytime, it is exceedingly difficult to spot a cockroach apart from some damp areas or closed rubbish rooms. The infestation of cockroaches cannot be determined through any specific circumstances, as these creatures can adapt to any change of climate and environment.

 Cockroaches Control in Sydney will confidently assist you with any pest control service required and moreover they are much aware of the behaviour of the pests and thus can help in keeping them away from your property. 

Cockroaches as a pest- the unhygienic scavenger 

International agency WHO which is responsible for international public health considers cockroaches as very harmful as it creates an unhygienic environment.

The cockroach infestation can lead to a myriad of health issues, ranging from asthma, allergy, food poisoning, etc. It can also trigger serious ailments like cholera, diarrhoea, typhoid, fever, and dysentery (which are all intestinal diseases). 

If there is a baby in your family, then they can easily get sick due to the presence of cockroaches. The right pest control service in Sydney can take care of the infestation by applying a variety of methods to find, flush and finish the pest. 

The well-trained technicians, latest equipment and effective products can help in controlling the issue.  

Controlling cockroaches- methods to follow

It is clear from the behaviour that most of the cockroach species prefer night and dark places to hide. Only a few are found during the daytime, but if these pests are not controlled it can lead to a profoundly serious condition in your property. What best you can do to keep cockroaches at bay, let us find it out. 

  • Keep your kitchen clean, as in most cases the cockroaches invade a property in search of food. Clean your sink before going to bed and make sure there is no trace of oil in the kitchen slabs.
  • Cover the utensils and food processing machines. 
  • Do not keep cooked food or fruits open. Cockroaches can climb a shelf in search of open food particles.
  • Block the holes, fix the broken pipelines, if possible, keep some barrier to prevent them to get inside.
  • Ensure your house is not damp as cockroaches can anytime acquire the place. 
  • Vacuum every corner of your house, especially the backside of the door, corners of the kitchen slab, furniture, etc. 

Cockroach infestation is ought to happen if you are not following these simple steps. So, never allow these creatures to make your house a breeding ground. So, instead of killing it every time with your slipper, make sure they are hindered from entering your house and if they have then please opt for the professional treatment.

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