An Ultimate Guide on how to Pick the Perfect Sunscreen Lotion for Your S


Skin is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body that needs much care and focus. The harmful radiation of the sun puts the same effects on all skin types and tones. The UV radiation occurring from the sun can cause skin cancer too. Hence, to protect your skin from these risks, the only available solution is applying a patch of the best sunscreen lotion before moving out in the sun. There are a multitude of products available in the market, but it is necessary to pick the best sunscreen in India as per one’s skin tone.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Sunscreen Lotion

  • Protection from UVA and UVB Rays

As suggested by dermatologists it is safe to use sun blockers with broad-spectrum. The sunscreen treatment lotions should act as a cover from both the UVA as well as UVB radiation.

  • UVA a long-wavelength light can cause ageing and wrinkles on your face. 
  • UVB rays cause sunburns.

Hence, the broad-spectrum sunscreen should be capable of filtering these radiations.

  • SPF Level of the Sunblock should be 30( SPF 30)

All the packs of sunscreen mention the sun protection level(SPF) in bold letters on their product. Few points of SPF is explained below:

  • SPF 30 level in sunblocks will help you protect the skin from harmful UV radiation.
  • But if an individual is working outdoors they must reapply the sunscreen within a span of 2 hours.
  • The sunscreen should be water-resistant so that it does not get washed away by sweat or water. 
  • One must also apply the lotion before 30 minutes of leaving the house.
  • Ingredients must be Biosafe

Some of the facts concerned with sunscreen lotion are as follows:

  • If a sunscreen has synthetic hydrocarbon in its ingredients it can cause rashes and irritation to your skin.
  • The sunscreen should suit the skin type.
  • For oily skin, you can select sunscreens that are mineral-based. It should contain chemicals such as titanium dioxide.

The sunscreen must be applied to all the parts of the body that get exposed to the sun in generous amounts. The best sunscreen lotion satisfying all the above-mentioned factors is Lotus Herbals sunscreen lotion that has SPF 30 and suits the needs of all skin types.

Qualities of Sunscreen Lotion According to Skin Type

  • Sensitive Skin

Individuals with sensitive skin must apply sunblocks containing ingredients that suit their skin type. Select sunscreen with a higher SPF. Sunscreens that can cause rashes and irritation should be avoided. Do not opt for a sunscreen with harsh ingredients.

  • Dry Skin

People having dry skin should opt for higher SPF or moisturising sunscreen lotion. The sunscreens that have hydrating ingredients such as glycerine, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. This will not let your skin dry out in the sun. 

  • Oily Skin

The creamy sunscreens can feel heavy as well as sticky for all the people having oily skin. The sunscreens that are water-based are ideal for people with extremely oily skin.

  • Normal Skin

People with normal skin can protect against UVA and UVB rays with high SPF lotions. SPF 30 is recommended for normal skin people.

  • Combination Skin

If you have a combination skin go for a lightweight gel that can tone down the oily zone. The lotion should be enough for the dry parts on the face.


By wearing sunscreen lotion you can protect your skin’s appearance and also health at all ages. If you use sunscreen on a regular basis you can protect your skin from sunburn, premature ageing and skin cancer.

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