An in-Depth Look At the Different Types of Hammocks That Exist Today


Did you know there is more than one type of hammock? Hammocks come in all sizes, shapes, and colors—and they each have their own special features.

If you’re interested in buying a hammock but don’t know where to start, never fear! We’ll go over the most popular types of hammocks so you can make an informed decision and start relaxing.

The Rope Hammock

Rope hammocks are made of crisscrossed rope woven for flexibility and comfort. This type of hammock is most often an outdoor piece for relaxing, reading, or napping. They have a spreader bar on either side, making it much easier for two to fit comfortably without rolling into each other.

The Camping Hammock

For ultimate ease of setup and transportation, camping hammocks are the way to go. Either end effortlessly fixes to an anchor like a tree or a stand, and the lightweight material (usually polyester or nylon) is easily rolled up and packed away.

Unlike a rope hammock, a camping hammock has no spreader bar, so the fabric contours more to fit your position. These hammocks are very comfortable but usually only meant to fit one person unless otherwise stated.

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The Mexican And Mayan Hammocks

Both of these types of hammocks are similar in that they are made of closely woven cotton string and come in vibrant colors. Mexican hammocks and Mayan hammocks don’t feature a spreader bar and look fantastic both indoors and outdoors.

The Pool Hammock

A pool hammock is made for lounging in before or after a dip in the pool. It has spreader bars on either end and is made of material that dries quickly. A pool hammock is designed for getting wet whereas other types of hammocks may need to avoid constant dampness.

The Quilted Hammock

Quilted hammocks are very much like rope hammocks, except instead of woven rope between the spreader bars, there is padded material. These are a great choice for families because of their ease of use. They fit multiple people and there are no holes for little hands or feet to get tangled up in.

The Indian Hammock

Indian hammocks are used for babies and small as an alternative to a crib or bassinet. Because of the intense heat in India, parents choose a lightweight hammock for their child to sleep in to stay cool. This type of hammock is usually sized smaller and made of breathable fabric stretched between two anchor points.

The Chair Hammock

This hammock can be made of woven string like a Mexican or Mayan hammock, or fabric like a quilted hammock. It has one overhead ring gathering up the fabric and anchors to either a sturdy ceiling beam or tree limb. These hammocks take up very little space and are ideal for making the most of a small yard or porch.

So Many Types of Hammocks to Choose From

There are many types of hammocks on the market, but once you know your choices and what you want from your hammock, the decision becomes easier. Which one fits your needs the best?

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