Adding Page Numbers To Your PDF: Simple & Effective Online PDF Editing With PDFBear


Adding page numbers to your PDF documents makes your content and data more organized. It can even make the PDF document look significantly more professional and presentable. You can approach this task easily through PDFBear. PDFBear provides an online platform for users to edit their PDF documents, such as adding page numbers to them.

PDFBear lays its page numbering process out in an incredibly simplified manner. You surely won’t have any trouble or difficulty in adding page numbers to any PDF that you have. It’s simple, free, and readily accessible online. Here’s more information on how to add page numbers through PDFBear:

How To Add Page Numbers 

It’s essential to start this article about PDFBear’s page numbering tool with the information on how to add page numbers to your PDF. There’s no need to worry as PDFBear won’t require its users to read and digest a long and comprehensive manual. On the contrary, PDFBear makes sure to make the entire process feel as simplified as possible! Thanks to its four-step process, it’ll feel simple and easy!

You can start to add page numbers to PDF by uploading the PDF file into the PDF page numbering tool. Choose the one you want to add page numbers to by simply dragging and dropping the file into the provided space. Then, wait until you are able to upload the PDF successfully. Once uploaded, you can freely select or choose where’d you’d like the page numbers to appear.

Once you’ve figured all the specifics, simply click on “Number PDF Pages” and wait for a finished product to appear. PDFBear guarantees that the resulting PDF will contain page numbers that are located in the precise position that you’ve selected. 

Simplest Online Tool To Number PDF Pages

This online PDF editor from PDFBear is your best option in adding page numbers to any PDF in your possession. It’s the best option as it’s the simplest way available to add page numbers! Who knew that adding page numbers to PDF was available online! PDFBear provides this process readily available online and in just four simple steps!

PDFBear makes sure to provide a well-rounded process in adding page numbers to PDF. In turn, the process that it uses should be more than capable of accurately numbering your PDF pages. You even have the choice of where to place the page numbers. This PDF editor from PDFBear will even allow you to customize typography and position all at the same time!

PDFBear allows unrestricted access to this online PDF editor for free. Therefore, adding page numbers to any PDF using PDFBear is not only simple, effortless, and straightforward, but also free!

Available On All Platforms

PDFBear allows users to use any platform or operating system upon using this online PDF editor. With this fact, you’ll be able to successfully add page numbers using any system that you’re sitting on! You’ll be able to add page numbers accurately on Windows, Mac, or Linux, or any other operating system that you might use. 

PDFBear’s online PDF editor for adding page numbers is online-based. Therefore, you can easily access this tool using any web browser in your system. There certainly is no need to worry as you can use any web browser that you want upon using this online PDF editor. 

Users will have unrestricted access to this PDF editor through Chrome, Firefox, or any other web browsing tool available. PDFBear even makes this process available on mobile platforms. Now, you’ll be able to add page numbers and edit your PDF through your iOS or Android smartphone or device!

Safe With PDFBear & PDFBear PRO

PDFBear PRO is a monthly subscription to the premium plan of PDFBear. A subscription to this premium plan will entitle users unrestricted and unlimited access to this PDF editor. Of course, you may always add page numbers to any PDF for free, but you may only do so in a limited number of tries. PDFBear PRO comes in at a low price of $5.99 per month. 

No matter which PDFBear subscription you choose, you can add page numbers to your PDFs in a secure and private platform. You indeed won’t have to worry about any privacy and security breach. PDFBear sees to it that its users will enjoy full privacy together with their PDFs and other files.


As we said, PDFBear is your best online alternative in adding page numbers to your PDF. It simply is more effortless, straightforward, and accurate compared to other online PDF editors. It’s also more simplified as you can easily add page numbers using only a few clicks. All that PDFBear needs is for you to upload the PDF, and it will gladly handle the rest! 


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