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A Guide to Cat Breeds with Longer Lifespans

Many pet parents prefer their furry friends to reach old age because they are excellent companions. Some can live up to 15 years, while others may even reach their 20s. Both the factors of nature and nurture can affect your feline’s life span. Know that taking care of your furry friend will improve their odds, and you can have them as best friends for many years to come.

If you’re looking to improve your feline’s lifespan, you may want to give them the care they need. Any cat breeds – type of cats will thrive more if they are given some essentials in their lives. Many of them lasted longer because they are eating nutritious food, getting supplements, and sleeping soundly. Some of the breeds that you may want to choose if you’re looking for ones that last long are the following:


The Siamese originally came from Thailand, and they are fascinating pets. They have been in people’s homes for centuries, and they were known to be beautiful. Their distinct markings and lanky statures are noteworthy, and they are very vocal by nature. 

They are sociable to other pets and people. They are not usually prone to major illnesses, but some are known to have respiratory and dental conditions that need a veterinarian’s help. They can live from 11 to 20 years. Their physical characteristics are described as having almond-shaped eyes, sleek bodies, and wedge-shaped heads.


Savannah cats are very popular and friendly. They are found in many domestic homes, and they’re great for experienced homeowners. They are part African serval and may have active lifestyles. Savannahs are very friendly with their owners despite them not being fully domesticated by nature. 

Their temperaments are often described as assertive, energetic, and daring. This is a hybrid that’s generally healthy that can live up to 20 years. Their physical characteristics are described as having more erect ears, lean body, dark spots, golden coat, and green eyes.


The gentle and easygoing ragdoll typically wants to follow its human counterpart everywhere it goes. This pet is known for being limp when carried, and it has an extreme relaxation habit. This is generally healthy but knows that these are prone to heart diseases and bladder stones. The average lifespan is about 15 years. It’s described as having semi-longhaired coats and blue eyes with long whiskers.


Burmese is a cross of Siamese and Burma little brown cats. You can know about the Burmese on this site here. They are described as adventurous, social, and playful by nature. They are generally healthy, and their lifespans can reach up to 18 years. 

However, some of these species have predispositions to glaucoma and cranial deformities, so there’s still a lot of care needed for them to thrive. Their bodies are described as muscular, compact, round, and they have golden eyes.

5.Egyptian Mau

This is named after its infamous presence in many Egyptian arts in ancient caves. They have spotted coats, and they are characteristically attractive. They are very comfortable with their pet owners, and they expect to be treated as an essential part of the family. While the Egyptian Mau is known to be prone to heart diseases, they can still live from 12 to 15 years, depending on the care that they are receiving from the owners.

Cat’s that You’ll Love

If you’re not looking for the ones with longer lifespans, you may want breeds that are popular worldwide. Some of the ones that you may love include the following:

1.Devon Rex Cats

These Devon Rexes are newer breeds that were accidentally discovered in the 1960s in England. They have a lot of nicknames like alien cats, pixies, elves, or bats. They are also known to behave more like their dog counterparts than the felines. Their unique appearance has captured many pet lovers all over the world, and on top of this, they have irresistible and mischievous qualities that make them fun to be around.


Abyssinians, or abys as they are lovingly named, are easy-to-care and regal-looking pets. Learn more about these breeds here: They are ideal for many cat lovers as they are very friendly to people. They have half-cupped ears, well-developed muscles, wedge-shaped heads, medium-length bodies, and short coats. They are very close-lying to their bodies, and the overall appearance may be similar to that of the Egyptian varieties.

Abys are not necessarily the lap kinds, but they are very affectionate. They are ideal when you decide to mix pets and children with them. Known for their curiosity about things, they are well-oriented to people, and they love to participate in any activities going on around them.


Sphynx are wrinkled and hairless. They have bigger eyes and ears with pronounced cheekbones. They are considered newer breeds, and they have a genetic anomaly which can be shown in their lack of hair. Nowadays, sphynx is usually bred with the shorthair so they will produce healthier children. They have caught the eye of a lot of cat lovers, and they are in demand. 

They are always playful, silly, and energetic. They want to be the center of attention, but they are not fond of the outdoors. This is expected as their skins are often exposed to the elements, so they instinctively protect them. They are ideal for you if you are an indoor person who rarely goes out since they may be the perfect companions you need.

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