A Guide for Buyers in New Furniture Stores in Grand Prairie

new furniture stores in Grand Prairie
new furniture stores in Grand Prairie

Are you looking to furnish your home or office? Then check out the extensive guide on materials and fabrics for the first-timers visiting new furniture stores in Grand Prairie to uplift the ambiance of the space.

Tips for Choosing Wood Furniture

Select wood type

The first step in choosing wood furniture is to decide upon the type of wood to buy. The furniture in this material comes in three categories:

  • Solid wood
  • Veneers
  • Particleboard/Composite wood

           The first one on the list is the most expensive and modern-looking but, this material is prone to scratches and water rings. The less expensive choice is veneers, the furniture made out of this material has a thin inexpensive base with multiple layers of good-quality wood, making it economical as compare to solid wood. In case, you need furniture for short-term use then composite wood is one to consider. Made from the combination of plastics, wood pulp, and resin it is the cheapest option.

           Properly check the cabinets

See if the drawers and cupboards are working properly. You must be able to easily swipe-out the drawers, check the latch, and close the cupboard to ensure smooth functionality.

In the same way, the doors of the cupboards must stay open instead of snapping close. The quality of knobs and handles should fit tightly.

Wood joining at the ends

The end and corners of any furniture must have wood joining rather than nail and glue. The pieces with wood joining are sturdy and can carry more weight.

Tips For Choosing Fabric

Durability isn’t the only factor to consider while shopping from new furniture stores in Grand Prairie, aesthetic and looks play an equally important role. The quality of fabric must not be determined by the thickness but by the threads per square inch.

The variety of fabric that is available in furniture stores include:


It is considered one of the most durable fabric materials. Taking the color well and blends easily with other fibers. But, the continuous exposure to sunlight may result in the rotting of the fabric. There is also a risk for mildew in damp climates.


This material reflects the heat better than cotton. It is durable but can resist color and will get damaged with intense exposure to sunlight.


This type of material is resilient and takes on the color smoothly. But make sure the fabric is moth-proofed before using it.


If aesthetic is what you are looking for, then this fabric is for you. The issue with silk is that it is fragile and has a tendency for discoloration in strong light. The chance of mildew in a damp climate is high and also is difficult to clean.


This processed cellulose material blends well with expensive fibers to emulate linen and silk. The material quickly rots under sunlight.

In addition to these natural fabrics, you can also consider the following synthetic fibers:


This material can be blended well with natural fabrics. Polyester can stand sunlight easily and is one of the most strong and durable fabric.


The material is not the best choice to hold up against sunlight. Olefin is a stain-resistant, strong and bulky fabric, usually used to develop heavy-textured fabric.


This fabric material has wide application in the commercial industry. It is strong and dirt-resistant but is sensitive to sunlight.


Finding durable furniture doesn’t have to be hectic and difficult. This guide is specifically designed for buyers shopping in new furniture stores in Grand Prairie. This writing piece will enable buyers to make the right decision on which material and fabric are more suitable. Finding the right material is a major key to the durability of the furniture.


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