A complete roadmap to becoming an MSBI Developer

MSBI Developer
MSBI Developer

Microsoft Business Intelligence is an ETL(extraction, transformation, and loading) tool that allows the user to interact with the database administration and provide intelligent solutions by analyzing the dataset based on their business requirements. It gives you the ability to mine and process chunks of data to optimize the performance of an organization.

To realize the full benefits of the available data and utilize all the tools provided by MSBI, companies hire skilled MSBI developers who can benefit them. Therefore, you should get the proper MSBI online training, and follow a roadmap that helps you create an impressive career in a minimum timeframe. So, in this blog, we’ll show a complete roadmap on how to become an MSBI developer.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is a collection of various software and processes that utilizes data transformation, analytics, and visualization to transform raw data into actionable insights that benefit organizations for making data-driven decisions. These insights can then be added to a report or dashboard and shared with other colleagues and stakeholders for planning and operational decision-making. Also, these tools help the user to create views and see specific information based on their requirements.

What is an MSBI Developer?

An MSBI developer is a professional who possesses the right amount of knowledge and experience in collecting, analyzing, and visualizing the data using MSBI tools and creating BI solutions to solve specific problems of an organization. With the knowledge of the MSBI suite and other Business Intelligence tools, a developer understands the requirements of the clients and business and provides the solutions backed by data using BI techniques.

An MSBI developer makes the data presentable so that even a non-technical person can understand the current state of the business and make informed decisions to improve their market value. As a developer, you should have knowledge of the complete MSBI suite including SSIS(SQL Server Integration service), SSAS(SQL Server Analytical Services), and SSRS(SQL Server Reporting Services) tools.

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MSBI Developer Roles and Responsibilities

Below are some of the important roles and responsibilities that one needs to fulfill as an MSBI developer:

  • Collecting the data from various sources like data warehouses, On-site & cloud servers, text files, spreadsheets, etc, and transforming it into manageable forms like OLAP cubes.
  • Processing, visualizing, and creating business solutions for different departments in the form of OLAP cubes.
  • Creating documentation and technical reports sharing them by using the SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS).
  • Perform unit testing, integration testing, and troubleshooting the bugs or problems occurring in the process.
  • Closely monitoring the MSBI tools, connecting them to live sources, and automating the process to improve the performance.
  • Collaborating with the team members, managers, and stakeholders to understand the requirements and design powerful BI solutions.
  • MSBI developers are also responsible for securing the reports and maintaining data confidentiality.

How to Become an MSBI Developer?

If you’re planning to make a career as an MSBI developer or Business Analyst, then now is the right time to do so. Business Intelligence has become a crucial part of modern companies as it helps them run a profitable business and improve their market value.

There is not a definitive path for becoming an MSbi developer as people from different walks of life enter or switch their careers in Business Intelligence. But, having a degree in Data Science, Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering, or any other related field will definitely make your journey much smoother. However, if you don’t have a technical background, then you can start learning the basic concepts through an MSBI tutorial and then move forward to the next steps.

Required Skills for MSBI developer

There are some basic technical and non-technical skills that play an important role in your career as an MSBI developer. Following are the skills that you need to excel on:

  • Database Skills: It’s obvious that a person dealing with data analytics and processing has to interact with different databases. MSBI developers have to deal with both On-site and cloud-based databases and merge them into single datasets through data transformation. Therefore, you should know about different databases and sequential languages.
  • Data Science: It’s a multidisciplinary field and includes various statistical and machine learning techniques used for data analytics. It plays an important role in the Business process and helps you make interactive KPIs and reports to accurately measure the business performance.
  • Testing Skills: Building software requires the developers to go through different stages from documentation to designing, development, testing, and maintenance. Among them, software design takes the most time as it requires the developers to thoroughly inspect the software code, find bugs, and troubleshoot the problems. MSBI developers are responsible for automating the testing process and removing the chances of errors.
  • Data Security: You’re sharing the data and collaborating with other users to work on live datasets. So, it’s important to make sure the connection is secure and proper authentication is provided to different users. Therefore, you must know about the concepts like data availability, integrity, and confidentiality to protect sensitive data by creating filters and calculated fields.
  • MSBI tools: It’s inevitable that you should know the in and outs of MSBI tools to fully implement the ETL capabilities and use them to produce efficient results. The knowledge of SSAS objects will help you create modeling dimensions, while SSRS contributes to preparing reports and deploying them on web servers.
  • Communication Skills: Being an MSBI developer requires you to collaborate with the team members and managers of different departments, stakeholders, and clients, and understand the business requirements. Analyzing data requires a lot of time and effort, so getting the right information is very important. Having excellent communication skills enables you to present the data in a simple and understandable way.

MSBI Certifications

Last but not least is to get certifications. Having a certification in MSBI and Business Intelligence shows that you’ve spent a sufficient amount of time learning the job-specific skills and also worked on different projects to understand real-world problems. Companies prefer the candidates who possess the right skills and certifications over the ones who don’t have a credible way to prove their expertise.

Certification like Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate(MCSA) teaches you the core BI technologies, techniques, and best solutions. From there, you can take specific certifications in tools like MSBI, Power BI, and tableau to excel in your career as an MSBI developer.


So, there you have it, a quick and informative roadmap to become a skilled MSBI developer. Such careers require you to be a multi-tasker, creative and have strong analytical thinking. Plus, it needs a candidate who can learn new technologies and find simple solutions for complex problems.



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