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A Caffeine Lover’s Guide to Eco-Friendly Coffee

7 out of 10 Americans drink coffee every week, and 62% of Americans drink coffee every day. If you are one of the millions of people that get your energy kick from a cup of joe every morning, then this article is for you.

Coffee is one of the most devastating crops for the environment if it is not grown the right way. Unsustainable coffee is responsible for the annihilation of the rainforest, among other things.

If you want to enjoy coffee and save the planet at the same time, you need to switch to eco-friendly coffee. Read on to find out why.

What Is Eco-Friendly Coffee?

Eco-friendly coffee is coffee that comes from coffee beans grown and harvested in a sustainable way. Much of the coffee you find in your local supermarket was grown in the third world, South and Central America to be specific.

If the company you buy your coffee from doesn’t source eco-friendly coffee beans, chances are they are getting them from unsustainable coffee plantations.

Many plantations slash and burn biodiverse areas such as rainforests in order to grow monoculture crops of coffee beans. This destroys many endangered species and depletes the land of nutrients in a few short years.

The best eco-friendly coffee companies don’t resort to these environmentally destructive methods. Instead, they use a more sustainable approach to growing their beans.

Growing Coffee Beans Sustainably

The most eco-friendly way to make coffee is to grow it in the shade. This is because the canopy of the rainforest is left intact. This type of coffee is known as “shade-grown” coffee.

In addition, sustainable coffee growers don’t grow a monoculture crop of coffee beans. Instead, they incorporate their coffee plants into an existing diverse ecosystem that functions as a farm.

They sustainably harvest the coffee as well based on the sciences of silviculture and ecology to promote forest health. A sustainable coffee grower will manage the land as well as their business.

This means that they do things such as: conserve water, use renewable energy for their power production, and hire locals for living wages rather than extorting them or bringing in outside employees.

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. has one of the widest selections of eco-friendly coffee brands. They are a great resource if you are looking to buy some eco-friendly ground coffee or other eco-friendly coffee supplies.

Eco-friendly coffee isn’t only great for the environment, it tastes great too! Once you try some you will never want to go back to unsustainable coffee again.

Try Eco-Friendly Coffee Today

Eco-friendly coffee will save the world and change yours at the same time. If you have never tried it before, you owe it to yourself and the planet to give it a chance.

Pick up a bag of eco-friendly coffee from your favorite retailer today. You will be glad you did, as eco-friendly coffee is often the tastiest and high-end coffee available.

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