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laptop battery life is boosted

Microsoft launches a couple of Windows 10 new builds, which will be used for the build 19H2. One of the builds turns off all the new features. And one of the important changes is that better battery life for laptops. Click MiniTool to get more information.

There are two different preview builds- 18362.10012 and 18362.10013, which are got by the testers of Windows 10 19H2 in the Slow Ring. The build 18362.10012 will be delivered to those on build 18362.10005 and the build 18362.10013 will be sent to those on build 18362.10006.

What is the difference between these two preview builds? That is all the new features has been turned off by the former build and the latter has them turned on. This is a new controlled preview rollout system of Microsoft. Only a small portion of the testers can get new features in real time.

As time goes, more functions will be shifted. In essence, just as updates are actually real, with Microsoft monitoring how functions work (or don't work), getting more feedback and then promoting them.

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Better Battery Life for Laptops

If you are simply joining the Slow Ring of preview build testers, at that point Microsoft will observe that whether you have enabled new features or not, it will be a 50-50 ‘virtual coin toss’.

Those testers who pay close attention to Windows 10 development will recall that version 19H2 is about making some smaller changes rather than introducing major features. The smaller changes include performance tuning and quality of life improvements. One of the hardware-related change is that laptop battery life is boosted.

Microsoft said:

“We have made general battery life and power efficiency improvements for PCs with certain processors.” So, if you are lucky, it means that some laptops will have a longer battery life. And as the update gets closer to deployment later this year, Microsoft may be working hard to push for further development in this area."

better battery

Another hardware-related change is aimed at CPUs with "favored" cores. Windows 10 has been adjusted to take advantage of the "rotation policy”. It refers to distributing work more equitably among these favored cores, which can provide better reliability and performance.

These are some of the adjustments that you can get from Windows 10 19H2 build. This build also adds additional debugging features to the new Intel processors. But only hardware manufacturers can use them instead of end-users.

However, in this build there are some minor tweaks to the interface, such as expanding the navigation pane when you use the mouse to hover over the Start menu.

Tip: If you don’t like the new Windows 10 build, you can roll back to the previous one. But sometimes you find the option go back to an earlier build is not available, read this post - 3 Fixes for Go Back to an Earlier Build Not Available Windows 10.

Final Words

Now Windows 10 is more efficient, reliable and secure than ever with the May 2019 updates. It can save your time by introducing the new features. At the same time, it can protect your computer. In addition, it can give you a better experience that laptop battery life is boosted.

Of course, Windows 10 still needs to be improved, but Windows 10 is now better than ever and it has been evolving by a series of updates.

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