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iPhone 13 is expected to be more expensive

There is leaked information about iPhone 13, like iPhone 13 release date, iPhone 13 colors, iPhone 13 price, and more. Now, there is a hot topic: the iPhone 13 is expected to be more expensive. What’s going on? MiniTool Software shows you the related information in this post.

Latest News about iPhone 13

  • According to the leaked information about iPhone 13, the pre-orders will begin on Sept 17 and iPhone 13 will launch on Sept 24.
  • iPhone 13 is expected to be more expensive due to the increased chip costs from its partner TSMC.
  • Face ID might be improved on iPhone 13 to tackle the problem of wearing masks. It may work much better even users are wearing masks.
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iPhone 13 Release Date

Due to coronavirus, the iPhone 12 release date was delayed to October 13 last year. Users want to know whether the iPhone 13 release date will be postponed this year. However, some Apple analysts claim that iPhone 13 should launch in a normal release schedule this year. That is, it will be released in September. To be specific, the pre-orders will begin on Sept 17 and it will launch on Sept 24.

Let’s wait and see.

iPhone 13 Price Might Exceed iPhone 12

There have been speculations about the price of the iPhone 13 before. At that time, some analysts estimated that the price of the iPhone 13 may be the same as that of the iPhone 12. But recently, there are some changes. One is that the iPhone 13 price might increase. The iPhone 13 is expected to be more expensive than the iPhone 12.

It is said that Apple’s supplier TSMC will raise the chip production costs. This means that Apple needs to pay more for iPhone chips, causing the prices of Apple phones to rise. Apple may start the price rise from iPhone 13. This is very possible. After all, before the final release of the iPhone 13, no one can be sure about its prices.

Two Possibilities of iPhone 13 Price

TSMC makes Apple’s A-series mobile chips for iPhones and iPads are from TSMC. Of course, TMSC supplies chips for many other electronics companies. TMSC has notified these partners that the prices of sub-7-nanometer chips including the A-series will be increased. The price increase is up to 20%, which has started in January 2022. We believe that Apple knows this. But it is reported that the price increase rate is only 3-5% for Apple.

Given chip price increase time, there are two possibilities for iPhone 13 price:

  • Apple will pass the future increased costs on to iPhone 12 and the future users. Of course, the price problem could not only increase iPhone 13 price but also influence the rumored new iPad mini 6, and current iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.
  • Apple will not raise the price of the iPhone 13 because this new iPhone will be released before the price increase of TMSC chips. iPhone 13 is very likely already in production. In other words, Apple is likely to have established a price agreement with TSMC on the purchase of the chips.
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New Features and Improvements in iPhone 13

iPhone 13 is expected to have some big improvements and new features.

For example:

  • It is said that the iPhone 13 Pro models will have 120Hz displays, improved camera sensors, lens upgrades across the board, and a more powerful chipset.
  • iPhone 13 Pro might have always-on displays.
  • iPhone 13 is equipped with faster 5G modems and computational photography upgrades.

Every release of Apple’s mobile phones will attract a lot of attention. iPhone 13 will be no exception. The discussion on the price is still going on, but the price will be announced soon. We’ll see.

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