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change to Windows 8

For you who are using Windows 8, you may note this information from Microsoft: this tech giant says it will stop accepting new APPs in Windows 8 store from October 31. This change to Windows 8 will affect millions of users all over the World.

A Change to Windows 8

If your computer is running Windows 8, you must pay attention to this news recently: Microsoft, the big tech giant, recently announced that from October 31, it would stop receiving new APPs in the Windows 8 store.

What can you get from this news?

You can understand like this: the APPs’ developers are making more and more APPs for Windows operating systems (OSs). But Windows 8 users can only enjoy these new APPs and update for only over two months, because Windows 8 store will stop the update service from October 31.

Hearing this, you will consider another question: should I upgrade my Windows 8 to the latest Windows OS?

Upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10

Are you bothered by Windows update issue? You can read this solution to know what to do: Should I Upgrade To Windows 10 - How To Decide.

This Microsoft’s change aims to prompt the APP developers to focus the energies on researching and developing APPs for Windows 10. And of course, this action can let more and more Windows 8 users upgrade Windows version to the newest one.

According to the statistics, the current users of Windows 8 reach over 45 million all over the world. This time, Microsoft’s move of stopping to support updating and adding new APPs in Windows 8 store influence a lot of people in the world.

Microsoft Store Team has written a blog post on July 1, 2019. It said that the company is going to quit APP update for Windows Phone 8 and the earlier version. Till July 1, 2023, it will stop update service for all APPs on Windows 8 devices.

Microsoft told the APP developers that they will still have the right to supply updates services to all APPs. But, this kind of service can only be available for Windows 10 machines.

This announcement comes out very quickly. It is just less than a year after the firm released the latest version of Windows 10 for personal computer users in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

However, it is the truth that Windows 10 has many merits.

Take Windows 10, version 1803 as an example. Windows 10 in S mode has high security and performance, the start-up is quick, and the operation is flexibility.

Besides, the S model is very modern. It enjoys all of Windows multi-tasking functions, such as snapping Windows, tasks view, virtual desktops within this S mode enabled machines.

Finally, you may choose to update to Windows 10. But, unfortunately, you lost files after Windows 10 update. In this situation, you can ask a piece of professional data recovery software for help. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a good choice.

This Change Affects More and More Users

Of course, Windows Creator update brings a lot of new features, and they are pre-installed on any newly purchased desktops and laptops.

When Window 10 was released in 2015, many users were forced to update their Windows, and many old computers were crashed. So, Microsoft was criticized at that time. So, the firm makes a big improvement: it is said that this version is more smoothly and user-friendly.

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