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recover deleted photos on iPhone

Have you ever deleted the photos on your iPhone by mistake? Do you need to recover them? Now, you can read this MiniTool post to obtain some methods to recover deleted photos on iPhone easily.

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Worried about iPhone Photos Loss

Smart phone has already become an important part of your daily life nowadays. Various kinds of APPs - such as Camera, Calendar, Clock, Messages, Map, and more - make your life more convenient. And as one of the hottest smart phones all over the world, iPhone is not an exception.

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Take iPhone Camera as an example, though it can’t compare with a professional digital SLR camera, the photos it takes fully satisfy your daily needs.

As Apple always devotes itself to develop the performance of all aspects, iPhone camera becomes stronger and stronger so that you don't need to take an extra digital camera or heavy SLR camera with you when you need to capture some important moments at any time.

At the same time, iPhone photo loss is still an eternal concern, and how to recover deleted photos on iPhone is a hot topic over the net.


You may delete your iPhone photos by mistake; you may occasionally find that some of the momentous photos on your iPhone are missing and you have looked through the whole iPhone but still cannot find them; you may have upgraded to the newest iOS version, but unfortunately, the iOS update deleted your iPhone photos…

Tip: Here, iOS update may delete some other kinds of data on your iPhone. To recover your lost iPhone data cause by iOS update, you can read this post to get some useful information: 3 Useful Ways to Recover Lost Files After iOS Update.

Overall, all the photos are gone; you may have lost or broken your iPhone and all the data on the iPhone are lost, including some significant photos. Thus, iPhone photos recovery cannot be ignored.

In the following part, we will show you how to recover deleted photos on iPhone.

How to Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone

You know that, with iTunes and iCloud, you can make a backup of your iPhone data at any time you want. Then, when data loss issue happens, you can choose to restore your iPhone data from the previous backup files.

Thus, as long as you have made an iCloud backup or iTunes backup in advance, you are allowed to restore deleted iPhone photos by using the following two solutions.

Solution 1. Restore Deleted iPhone Photos from a Backup

If you are sure that your deleted important iPhone photos are stored in a previous iCloud or iTunes backup, you are able to restore them from a backup file.

You can get the detailed steps from the Apple official post: Restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from a backup.

However, you may notice that restoring your iPhone from an iCloud backup requests you to erase all of its content firstly; while restoring your iPhone from an iTunes backup will replace all data and files on your iPhone. These may cause data loss at the same time. For you who just want to recover deleted photos on iPhone, this solution is not so perfect.

You may be wondering:

Is there a solution which can be used to recover deleted iPhone photos only?

Of course, you can ask a piece of free iPhone data recovery software for help. And MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS is the exact tool you are looking for.

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Solution 2. Retrieve Photos on iPhone with MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS

This software has three recovery modules: Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup File and Recover from iCloud Backup File.

With them, you can easily recover your iPhone data from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The recovered iPhone files are various, including photos, videos, text messages, notes, reminders, and more.

More importantly, with this software, you are able to recover your specified files only. And the recovered data is saved on the computer rather than the iPhone itself. So, it can overwrite the deleted items on your iPhone.

Thus, this software can fully meet your need to recover iPhone photos.

Now, you can firstly download the free edition of this software on your computer to have a try. And this free software allows you to recover 2 photos each time. Thus, you just use it to check whether it can find the iPhone photos you want to recover.

Free Download

Here, you can read this post to know the detailed limitations in this freeware: Functional Limitations in MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS.

If you decide to use this software to recover all of your iPhone photos without limitations, you can update this software to an advanced edition.

Recover from iTunes Backup File and Recover from iCloud Backup File modules are designed to recover iPhone data from the backup file. So, we will show you these two ways as follows.

Way 1. Restore Deleted iPhone Photos from iTunes Backup File

Provided that your deleted important iPhone photos are stored in your previous iTunes backup file, you are able to restore them by using this way.

At first, there are some thins you should pay attention to:

  • Recover from iTunes Backup File is the first choice among all these three recovery modules as long as you are sure that your wanted iPhone photos are stored in an available iTunes backup file.
  • Please guarantee that the iTunes backup file you are going to restore is stored on the computer you want to use. If not, you can also copy one to your computer.

Then, the detailed steps are as follows:

Step 1. Open the software and enter the main interface. Then select Recover from iTunes Backup File from the top recovery modules bar, and the iTunes backup files stored on the computer will be shown on this interface automatically.

After that, you just need to choose the iTunes backup file you want to use and click on Scan to start the scanning process.

choose the target iTunes backup file to scan

If the iTunes backup file you want to use is not listed on this interface, you can make it displayed manually by clicking on the lower side blue icon Select, then choosing the available iTunes backup file from the stored path and pressing Add finally.

Step 2. When the scanning process is finished, you will enter the results interface. On this interface, all the scanned data and files are listed in category.

choose the photos you want to recover

Click on Photos from the left side of the interface, and all the scanned photos will be displayed on the right side with their name. Choose the ones you want to recover and click Recover to continue.

Step 3. Click on Browse on the first pop-out window, select a proper path or create a new folder on the second pop-out window and then click on Recovery to save the target iPhone photos on the specified path.

With these three simple steps, all your wanted iPhone photos will be kept on your computer then. And you are allowed to use them directly.

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If you want to recover iPhone photos from the iCloud backup file, please try this way.

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Way 2. Restore Deleted iPhone Photos from iCloud Backup File

There is a possibility that the deleted iPhone photos are only stored in your previous iCloud backup file. If it is like this, you’d better apply the third recovery module Recover from iCloud Backup File. But first, you should pay attention to the following notice:

Note: Due to the limitation of iCloud, this software can’t get iOS 9 or later iCloud backup file. That is to say if your iPhone is running iOS 9 or later version when you are making an iCloud backup, this software will not detect that iCloud backup file.

Once you are sure that this software is able to detect the iCloud backup file which contains the iPhone photos you want to restore, you should do as the following steps:

Step 1. When you enter the main interface of this software, choose Recover from iCloud Backup File from the top recovery modules bar. Then type your Apple ID and Password into the entry bar, and click on Sign In.

sign in iCloud

Step 2. Then you will enter the interface as following which shows you the available iCloud backup files.

download the target iCloud backup file

You are able to choose the relevant iCloud backup file by judging from the Name, Latest Backup Data, and File Size of each backup file. Then move the cursor to the corresponding state bar, which will be shown as blue icon DownLoad automatically. Just click on DownLoad to continue.

Step 3. Here you will get a pop-out window with all the data types this software can download and recover listed on it. Since you just want to recover deleted iPhone photos, please just select Photos from the submenu of Photos & Videos, and then click Confirm to start the download process. 

choose to download photos only

Step 4. It will take a while to finish the download process. And then you will enter the result interface which just shows you the downloaded iPhone photos. Select the photos you want to recover, click on Recover and follow the next wizard to choose a proper path to save these photos.

enter downloading result interface

At last, you still can use these recovered iPhone photos directly.

Different from way 1, this way gives you the chance to download iPhone photos only. In addition, this software can keep the previous downloaded files, which allows you to load them directly. These two features can save a lot of time for you actually.

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You may notice that Recover from iOS Device module is not mentioned in this post.


It is determined by the iOS device itself. When you delete a photo or a video from your iPhone permanently, it will be wiped from the device forever. No matter which iPhone data recovery software you are using, you will be unable to get it back from your iPhone directly.

Thus, you can’t use this recovery module to recover deleted photos on iPhone.

That is to say, when you want to recover iPhone photos, you can only recover them from the iTunes and iCloud backup files. And iPhone videos recovery is the same.

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Back up Your iPhone Photos to Keep Them Safe

From this post, you know that you can only recover your permanently deleted iPhone photos from the backup files. Thus, it is so important for you to form a good habit of backing up and updating iPhone data regularly.

General speaking, there are two Apple officially recommended backup methods which are widely known by iPhone users, and they are iCloud backup and iTunes backup.

For more information about making iCloud backup and iTunes backup, you can see the Apple Support article: How to back up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Now, you have made a backup of your iPhone data, which can keep your important iOS data safe even if you lose your iPhone data by mistake.

Bottom Line

If you lose or delete your iPhone photos permanently by mistake, you will be unable to recover them from your iPhone directly. However, you can still restore them from the previous iTunes and iCloud back up files.

Two useful solutions are introduced in this post. You can just choose one to recover deleted photos on iPhone according to your actual situation.

Should you have any question when you are using MiniTool software, please leaving a message on the following comment area. And you can also contact us via [email protected].

How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone Free FAQ

Can I recover permanently deleted photos from my iPhone?
If you permanently delete photos from your iPhone, you can’t use any third-party iPhone data recovery software to get them back from the device directly. But, you can get them back from the iTunes or iCloud backup files if there are available ones.
How do you get photos back that you deleted on iPhone?
First, you can restore your iTunes or iCloud backup to your iPhone directly to get the deleted photos back. Additionally, you can also use MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS to only get the deleted photos back to your computer.
Where is the recently deleted folder on iPhone?
Your deleted iPhone photos and videos are saved to the Recent Deleted folder for 30 days. You can go to Photos and the scroll down to the bottom to find the Recent Deleted folder.
Is there a Recycle Bin on iPhone?
There is no Recycle Bin on iPhone. There is only a Recent Deleted folder on the device. It can save the deleted photos and videos that were deleted within 30 days. If you want to use the files in that folder again, you can open the folder to restore them directly.
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