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Snapchat recovery

Snapchat is a funny social mobile application. The photos and videos sent by you can be deleted automatically within the time you set. Thus, it can fully protect your privacy. However, if you want to make Snapchat recovery, do you know what you should do? Now, find the solutions in this post.

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Can You Make Snapchat Recovery on Android/iOS?

Snapchat is a mobile APP for Android and iOS devices. It is a fun way to share the moments with your family and friends. After Snapchat opens right to the camera on your phone, you can take a photo or video, and then send it to your best friends and family. This is quite similar to Instagram.

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When you send the photos and videos to the recipients, you can set “self-destruct” time from 1 to 10 seconds. Once it times out, the sent items will be deleted automatically by Snapchat.

This self-destruct feature can protect your privacy effectively thus it is quite popular nowadays. But, is it possible to make Snapchat recovery on your Android or iOS devices when necessary? Now, we will tell you the answer: yes, it is.

For Android and iOS, the situations for Snapchat recovery are different. in the following guides, we will walk you through how to recover Snapchat pictures and videos issue separately.

How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories on Android?

Recover Snapchat Photos on Android from the Device Directly

Actually, when the Snapchat photos are deleted by Snapchat, they disappear from the Snapchat system, but they are still kept in your Android storage in a hidden way.

The Snapchat pictures are saved to a folder named as "received_images_snaps" where the files’ names end with ".nomedia". This is an extension which can make the files invisible on your Android device.

Thus, you can just find that folder and rename the files by deleting .nomedia to make the items visible.

Go to File Manager > Android > Data > com.snapchat.android. Then, under the cache folder, you will see the received_images_snaps folder. Open that folder and rename the files in it. After that, you will find your deleted Snapchat photos are back to your phone.

If you can't find your needed file using this way, maybe it’s time to try a third-party tool to get them back.

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Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories on Android with Third-party Software

In theory, before the deleted files are overwritten by new data, you still have the chance to restore them by using a piece of third-party software. MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android is worth trying.

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This is free Android data recovery software which is specially designed to retrieve your Android data like photos, videos, text files, music files, and more from Android phones and tablets.

This tool has two recovery modules: Recover from Phone which is designed to recover files from Android internal storage directly and Recover from SD-Card which can be used to retrieve data from your Android SD card.

Situation 1: Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories from Android Internal Storage

Usually, the Snapchat memories are saved on the Android internal storage. Thus, you need to use the Recover from Phone module to recover them.

But, firstly, you’d better download the Free Edition of this software on your computer to have a try.

Free Download

Please note that you have to close any other Android data management software when you are using this software to guarantee its normal operation.

Step 1: After installing this software on your computer, please connect your Android device to the PC and then open the software. After that, you will enter its main interface as follows. Then choose the Recover from Phone module to continue.

software main interface

Step 2: If you haven’t enabled the USB debugging of your Android device, you will see the following interface which shows the different ways to enable USB debugging for different Android versions.

how to enable USB debugging interface

Choose the corresponding option according to your Android version and follow the steps to enable USB debugging on your Android phone.

Next, you still need to allow USB debugging. When you see the next interface, please pick up your Android phone, check the Always allow from this computer option and then tap the OK button to continue.

However, if you are not using your personal computer, you’d better not check the Always allow from this computer option on your PC to protect your privacy.

allow USB debugging

Step 3: When enabling USB debugging and allowing USB debugging are successful, you will enter the Device Ready to Scan interface.

enter Device Ready to Scan interface

In this interface, you need to choose the correct scan method. After reading the introduction, you will know that to recover deleted Snapchat photos and videos, you need to choose the Deep Scan method. Just check it and press the Next button to start the scanning process.

Step 4: After a while, the scanning process will end and you will enter the scan result interface.

All the scanned files included existing and deleted ones will be shown in this interface. Here, the data types’ list is on the left side of the interface. You can choose one to view its items.

enter scan result interface

For example:

  • How to recover Snapchat pictures from Android: here, you need to choose App picture under the Photos & Videos section or Picture under the RAW & Document section to search for the target files to check and recover the needed files.
  • How to recover Snapchat videos from Android: you need to choose Multimedia under the RAW & Document section to choose the target videos to restore.
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Additionally, if you only want to see the deleted items, you can switch the Only display the deleted items button from OFF  to ON.

Then, it’s time for you to check the files you want to recover. With the MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android Free Edition, you can recover 10 files of one type all at a time.

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Situation 2: Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories from an Android SD Card

You may choose to install the Snapchat app on your Android SD card, in which case the files of the app are kept on the card. In this situation, you need to use the Recover from SD-Card module to recover deleted Snapchat memories on Android.

Step 1: Remove the SD card from your phone and insert it into the card reader. After that, connect the reader to your computer. Then, open the software and choose Recover from SD-Card.

Step 2: Then, follow the wizard to start to scan the SD card. After scanning, you will see the scan result. Next, choose the data type from the left list and check the items (still 10 files of one type each time) you want to recover.

enter scan result interface

Step 3: After choosing the files you want to recover, please press the Recover button and select a location to save the target files.

If you want to recover deleted Snapchat memories on Android without limits, you can update this freeware to a full edition.

Until now, you can see that Android Snapchat recovery is not difficult as long as you use the appropriate method.

On the other hand, if you are using an iOS device, what should you do to make iPhone Snapchat recovery? We summarize some available solutions in the next part.

How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories on iPhone?

How to Recover Snapchat Photos/Videos from iPhone Directly?

Usually, when you delete photos and videos on your iOS device, the deleted items will be moved to the Recently Deleted folder and kept there for 30 days. Before you delete them from that folder manually, you can access the folder to restore them directly.

Perhaps, your deleted Snapchat photos or videos are still in the Recently Deleted folder. Just open it and check whether there is a chance to recover them.

However, if you can’t find the items you want to recover, you will need to make iPhone Snapchat recovery from the available backup file.

How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories on iPhone from Backup Files?

If you are an iOS device user, you must know iCloud backup and iTunes backup which can be used to restore your backed up files when needed. However, recovering iPhone data with iCloud or iTunes will replace all the existing files on the device. It is not an ideal choice for you to recover deleted Snapchat memories on iPhone.

In this situation, we suggest using a piece of free iPhone data recovery software to recover iPhone Snapchat photos and videos. MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS is worth trying.

This software has three recovery modules: Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup File and Recover from iCloud Backup File.

Here, you need to know that once a photo or video is deleted from your iPhone permanently, it will be impossible to recover them from the device no matter which iPhone data recovery software you are using.

So, you need to use Recover from iTunes Backup File and Recover from iCloud Backup File modules to make iPhone Snapchat recovery when there is an available backup file.

Note: Due to the limitation of iCloud, the Recover from iCloud Backup File module can’t get iOS 9 and the above version iCloud backup file. But, the fact is that most of you are using the latest iOS version now. Perhaps, this recovery mode is not suitable for you. Please make a choice according to your actual situation.

Now, you can download and install the MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS Free Edition on your computer to have a try. This freeware enables you to recover 2 photos or videos each time.

Free Download

Likewise, a full edition of this software allows you to recover your iPhone data without limitation.

For more information on how to recover deleted Snapchat memories on iPhone, you can refer to these two articles:

  1. Simple Solutions to Recovering Deleted Photos on iPhone
  2. Solved Perfectly - How to Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone

Keep Your Important Photos and Videos Safely

The photos and videos taken by Snapchat will be deleted by the app automatically. Thus, if you want to keep these items, you’d better take photos and videos using other applications which can keep the items on the phone.

On the other hand, no matter if you are using an Android or iPhone, you can make a cloud backup of your phone data to keep them safe. When your phone data is missing by mistake and there is no chance to recover them from the device directly, you will still have the chance to restore them from the backup file.

Bottom Line

After reading this article, we hope you know how to make Snapchat recovery from Android or iPhone devices effectively. Amongst all these methods, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android and MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS are really good options to help you get your deleted Snapchat memories back.

Should you have any questions when you are dealing with a Snapchat recovery issue, you can contact us via [email protected] or leave a message in the comment. You can also share your suggestions with us.

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