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9 Reasons for Choosing an Engineering Degree

Picking out a career for yourself is tedious. With the emergence of new professions such as Stem cell researchers and nanotechnologists, you may feel confused. If you think your career counselor is not enough to guide you towards a direction, we are here to help. This article will discuss perhaps one of the oldest yet still highly relevant fields of engineering.

Technological innovation is the key to any country’s growth, and prosperity and engineering is the driver behind this innovation. It combines scientific principles with practical research to give you high-end products that help civilizations. The field itself is not restrictive; you can work on the land, water, or air. There is always a choice for you. However, it is still completely natural to be skeptical if your degree is long-term sustainable or would soon get outdated.

Rest assured, engineering doesn’t fall under this category and will remain relevant for generations to come. If you still feel unconvinced, here are some reasons why you should consider engineering:

1. Intellectual Development

It is a genuine concern expressed by different people that they may fear intellectual stagnancy within their careers. It usually holds for jobs where you perform the same tasks without thinking about them. Engineering doesn’t fall under this category. Once you complete your online engineering bachelor’s degree and enter the workforce, you will get various projects.

Each project would require you to think of solutions logically. You would need to instill a proper schedule to get it done on time. In some cases, you may need to apply your knowledge and improvise. Not once will you feel bored or find the work mundane.

2. Professional Success

The skills you learn as an engineer are transferable. That means the way you think, act and merge creativity and logic can be applied to different fields. You can even pursue other careers despite having an engineering background. So no matter whether you choose to stay as an engineer or want a career change, your degree is valuable.

Take the amazon giant Jeff Bezos for instance. Before becoming the CEO of this trillion-dollar company, he was an engineer with a bachelor’s in electrical engineering and computer science. So take this as a motivation that you can achieve great things as an engineer.

3. Benefits Environment

Climate change is slowly taking over the planet. With the melting of glaciers and the extinction of endangered species, the future of this planet is under threat. Engineers can help remedy this problem. They have been pivotal in introducing eco-friendly projects. Some of these products include solar-powered panels, hybrid cars, and windmills.

As technology is rapidly escalating, there may be even more environmentally friendly products. Ultimately, engineers may be the forefront pioneers in establishing coexistence between man and nature, which is essential if we wish to keep the planet alive. As an engineer, you can always participate in projects that align with your principle of taking care of the earth.

4. Prestige

There is nothing wrong with wanting a prestigious career. After all, it does wonders for your self-esteem when people acknowledge the work you do. Engineering is renowned for being challenging. It is common knowledge that getting into an engineering school is difficult. When you become an engineer, you hold essential qualifications in the eyes of society. You will find various corporations wanting to work with new and fresh talent. Not only do you get to enjoy having an engineering degree, but you will always be in demand in the employment market. With the job market always on shaky grounds, it is good to have a career that offers you stability.

5. Financial Security

No one wants to work in a field where income is unpredictable. Engineering guarantees you to have financial security. The kind of projects you do will always give you a top slot with the salary you make. You will also notice as you gain more experience, you become more valuable for your sector and eligible for even higher pay.

It is all because most of the engineers’ work is challenging and needs to be used for a long-term purpose. Therefore, corporations will never shy away when giving you your salary as a reward for the hard work and creativity.

6. Flexible Major

It is a common misconception that engineers only study math and science. But to indeed be an engineer, you have to study economics, business, and communication. As an engineer, you will need to think about different aspects of the work you’re doing. From its relevance to the current economy to the amount of profit it will generate. Therefore, you are not just gaining knowledge in the sciences. Still, you’re also updated about the world of commerce, making you well-informed.

7. Professional Environment

If you work with people who lack motivation, it influences you. You may even start slacking at work and achieve nothing. Engineers, on the other hand, are highly motivated people with strong work ethics. As you work with these professionals, you will enjoy bouncing ideas with like-minded people. You will find that everyone willingly collaborates and does their job. It encourages you to do better at work. It can be a great source of joy to have people who share the same vision.

8. Travel the World

As an engineer, you have an opportunity to travel the world. It is not uncommon for engineers to travel frequently to work on different projects. The exposure you will receive is insurmountable. You get a chance to make a difference globally as you learn about the world. Travelling can also keep you interested in your field. No one likes staying in one place for too long, and engineering makes sure you see the world as much as you can. There is also a certain charm to having an international standing as an engineer.

9. Different Departments

Within engineering alone, you can pursue various majors. You don’t have to be a traditional civil or mechanical engineer. In the 21st century, you get the opportunity to be so much more. You can become a data and machine learning engineer, robotics engineer, or even work on quantum computing.

You can combine your love for science and technology and make outstanding achievements within your field. Since engineering is a highly flexible field and with more online courses available, you can always experiment.

Wrap Up

Engineers are more than people who learn science and math. You receive a fundamental understanding of different elements that govern the world. As an engineer, you will always stay intellectually informed. You have transferable skills. You can benefit the environment and enjoy a certain level of prestige.

There is also nothing better than financial security and an opportunity to travel the world. You can also find peace and comfort within your professional working environment. Finally, you can try your hand in different departments without ever feeling restricted. With so many benefits waiting for you, why not become an engineer?

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