8 Common Mistakes in Wedding Dress Preservation


A wedding dress is a bride’s most prized possession. The effort spent to look for the perfect wedding gown is unmatched, not to mention the expenses and time allocated to look for it. That is why most brides take really good care of their wedding dress even after the big day. It is because it holds a lot of significant memories for them.

When brides have their gowns cleaned and preserved after using them, they tend to forget important steps on how to preserve a wedding dress. These steps are very important to help the preservation process go smoothly. We listed the common mistakes in dress preservation that you should keep in mind.

Below are the eight common mistakes that brides unconsciously do when preserving their gowns.

1.The Waiting Game

A common mistake that brides make when preserving wedding dress is waiting too long for the dress to be cleaned and preserved. The longer you wait, the more it is susceptible to stains that may damage the fabric of your wedding dress.

The invisible stains if left for a long period may settle down and become permanent. This will make the preservation process difficult and discoloration of the fabrics may persist. The ideal time to preserve your dress is the day right after your wedding. Do not wait until the end of your honeymoon before sending it to the wedding dress preservation company.

2.Skipping the Cleaning Process

Only a few of the brides appreciate the cleaning process of their dresses. However, it is the most important step in the preservation of wedding dress. Cleaning your wedding dress removes even the invisible stains that cause fabric degradation and overall wedding dress scarring.

Let the expert in wedding dress cleaning and preservation do the trick for you. Expert cleaners subject your wedding dress to fabric examination to know what cleaning method is needed. With this, you can also guarantee that your wedding dress is handled well.

3.Doing the Process On Your Own

If you are tight on budget, it is quite understandable that you end up DIY wedding dress preservation. However, this only exposes your prized wedding dress to more risks. You might have cleaned your wedding dress but it does not give the assurance that the invisible stains are removed. If unremoved, this can cause fabric decay and discoloration.

4.Wrong Materials for the Storage Box

You need to be keen when it comes to the storage box of your wedding dress. There are a lot of wedding dress preservation boxes sold by preservation companies. The prices of these boxes also vary from one company to another. It can range from $260 to $800.

Regardless of the price, you should choose a box that is made from acid-free cardboard with colourless muslin papers included to wrap around your wedding dress. Choosing a storage box made from other materials will expose your wedding dress to mildew growth and stains.

5.Improper Storing

There are many ways to store your wedding dress. You can either hang or fold it. Wedding dresses that are made of light materials can be hung up. A common mistake made by brides is hanging wedding dresses that have intricate beading patterns and weigh heavy.

Hanging these kinds of wedding dresses for a long period destroys the seams. Meanwhile, folding and storing it inside a box is the safest method. However, you need to be careful to avoid creases and wrinkles on the fabrics of your wedding dress when doing it.

6.Inappropriate Storing Location

If you think that storing your wedding dress in the storage room at your home is safe, then you have got it wrong. Avoid storage spaces that have an uncontrolled temperature. Besides, it should be free from humidity and direct sunlight. Examples of spaces to avoid are basements, attics, and storage rooms.

The best way to store your wedding dress is under your bed or inside a cabinet. Before placing it in the storage space of your choice, make sure that it is sealed tightly to avoid air from coming in that will oxidize and discolour the fabrics.

7.Not Checking Your Wedding Dress Regularly

Most brides think that once they finally got their wedding dress back from the preservation company, they can leave it for years after storing it. This brings more harm than good to your wedding gown.

To ensure that your wedding dress is still intact and in good condition, you need to check it regularly. Besides checking the gown, you need to make sure the gown is stored in a dry climate, room temperature. Do not store in the attic or basement. We have heard too many stories of mice or rats damaging gowns.

8.Forgetting to tap the pros

To have a successful preservation process, it is better to use professionals on this matter. Wedding dress preservation companies are equipped with adequate skills and knowledge when dealing with different kinds of wedding dress issues.

Asking for professional help guarantees that your wedding dress has undergone the accurate preservation process to keep it in the best condition possible.

Preserving a wedding dress can be quite a handful but very helpful. You need to be very careful and sensitive in every step that you take. If you avoid the common mistakes we mentioned above, you can keep your wedding dress in pristine condition for a long time without needing to have it preserved over and over again.

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