7 Types of Writing Jobs You Can Do From Home


The Coronavirus pandemic left over 29 million American workers unemployed. As it swept across the world, some businesses closed completely while others downsized.

This crisis also left people thinking about their safety in going to work. It also pushed everybody to think about the security in their position and searching for more flexible careers.

All types of companies need people who can write from the safety of their own homes. Working remotely allows for more flexibility in all situations and expands your reach for opportunities.

Keep reading to learn about seven different types of writing jobs that you can take on from home.

1. Transcriber

Not everybody can come up with unique things to say on the spot. Fortunately for them, not all writers need to.

Many businesses need spoken words written down. A transcriber listens in on meetings, conversations, interviews, films, and other types of audio. They write what they hear word for word.

This job position requires the ability to type quickly and proficiency in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. To work one of these writing jobs, you must also possess strong listening skills because every word spoken holds importance.

Your income will depend on which field you choose to transcribe in. Transcribers may work for:

  • Courts
  • Law firms
  • Medical facilities
  • Colleges
  • Marketing companies
  • Film producers
  • Radio stations

While these professions typically need a lot of transcription, any business may take somebody on for this job.

2. Editor

Like a transcriber, an editor does not need to produce original content. They simply edit another writer’s work.

This may involve:

  • Reading
  • Fact-checking
  • Reviewing citations
  • Correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues
  • Rewording content
  • Sending the content back to the writer with suggestions for improvement.

An editor must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills to deal with writers. They also need a keen eye for detail and a strong understanding of language and grammar.

While newspapers, magazines, and other publication companies take on editors, any profession may require one. Editors need to completely understand the field they work in. If they work for a publishing company, they may need a broad knowledge of many different topics.

3. Content Writer

As the name suggests, these remote writing jobs take on people to produce content for publication. They must come up with original stuff for the company to put out.

While an expert content writer may sign their own name, many ghostwrite, which means it looks as if the business itself wrote it. You must adapt to the needs of who you write for in this position.

A content writer may put out blog posts, create product descriptions, write content for web pages, or write press releases for eReleases. Versatility in your writing style will help you succeed.

As a content writer, your skillset must include:

  • Writing and language skills
  • Creativity
  • Research
  • Time management
  • Editing
  • Communication

A skilled content writer can pinpoint what the consumer wants and needs. They then produce content to fulfill those wants and needs. It requires knowing what is hot in the industry you work for.

4. Freelance Writer

A freelance writer often does the same work as a content writer. However, a content writer works for the company while a freelance writer works for themselves.

Freelance writing gives you the freedom to write for a number of companies and take on the type of work you choose at each moment. It requires persistence, as you often need to seek out your next paycheck, as you will not have a boss bringing work to you.

A freelance writer must master the art of pitching their work. A good pitch:

  • Addresses the business they want to write for
  • Briefly states who they are
  • Explains why they want to write for them and what they can do for them
  • Gives a brief description of what the work they hope to contribute
  • Provides sample work

Each pitch should speak to the business they want to write for at that moment. Generic pitches often fall flat and go unnoticed.

While this may seem like a lot of work, it also offers freedom and flexibility. It is definitely a position for go-getters.

5. Course Writer

Do you love helping people learn? Working as a course writer from home might suit you well!

Necessary skills include:

  • Knowledge of the course field
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to create clear learning objectives
  • Research
  • Writing and communication skills

A course writer may or may not need a college degree, depending on the type of course they design. For a college subject, a degree in that field of expertise is necessary, while other types of expertise may suit course writers of other types.

Not all courses teach academic subjects. Some companies need courses written for things like leadership training or sexual harassment prevention. You might also find yourself writing a course for healing arts, like yoga or energy healing.

6. SEO Copywriter

An SEO copywriter focuses on their content driving up the business page on the search engine. While they need to hone the same skills as a content writer, but they must also possess a knowledge of how words impact the website’s optimization. This writer must understand how to incorporate keywords, headers, tags, and links.

7. Creative Writer

Not everybody wants to write about something that already exists. Some writers feel the urge to produce completely unique stories for utter enjoyment.

Creative writers might write their own books and seek out publishers. To make more of a steady paycheck, many creative writers pitch to websites to write short stories, creative magazine articles, or other online pieces that go into collections.

Which Types of Writing Jobs Work for You?

As a writer, a piece of you goes into all of the work you produce. It is important to figure out which types of writing jobs fit your skills, desires, and needs so that you can put out the best content and feel fulfilled at the end of the day.


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