7 Tips for Hauling in Sacramento

Hauling in Sacramento

Quite often people consider the size of a trailer for hauling their vehicle, which is a major no-no for towing. Just because a trailer is big in size than your vehicle does not mean it can haul your car. Every trailer has its towing capacity, and the load must not exceed that. This article lists 7 tips for hauling Sacramento which can make towing more comfortable, and also increase your knowledge about towing.

So if you have a trailer, we recommend you follow these to avoid any bad experiences.

1.     Back up parking

Trailers are pretty tricky to drive and handle because of their size. And to park these trailers, especially backing up, is one of the most difficult parts of driving a trailer. You have to consider mirror positioning, and seek guidance from a trusted friend to help you park correctly.

Backing up a trailer is quite daunting, but with technologies like rear-view cameras, and monitors, you can have a better view of the rear, and keep an eye on obstacles to make trailer towing easier.

2.     Know Your Vehicle’s Hauling Capacity

It is important to know your vehicle’s UVW (Unloaded Vehicle Weight). It is the maximum weight capacity that your trailer can support. Once you have known the load your trailer can easily tow, next you need to check the GVW (gross vehicle weight), GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating), and GCWR (gross combination weight rating).

While hauling in Sacramento, make sure your loaded vehicle does not exceed the supportable weight i-e manufacturer’s rating.

3.     Ensure the Vehicle and Trailer Are Compatible

An overloaded trailer affects the brakes, and that is a strict no-go. It is important to know the maximum tongue weight because that is the amount of weight on the trailer’s hitch. If the trailer’s tongue weight nominal compared to fully-loaded trailer weight, it will make the trailer’s movement unstable. And if the tongue is overloaded as compared to the trailer, hauling the vehicle’s rear tires may overload, making the control of the trailer difficult.

4.     Stop the Sway

We suggest that you place heavier cargo at the tongue of the trailer, in front of the trailer’s axle, to prevent the trailer from swaying. Also, it is important to tie down the cargo, because loose cargo’s shifting can also cause sway. To have a smooth hauling in Sacramento, make sure that you have the weight on the trailer properly, and it is tied down.

5.     Check the Tires

It is critically important to check the tire pressure on both your vehicle and your trailer. The tire pressure must meet the manufacturer’s specifications because under-inflated tires will cause more of the tire’s surface to touch the ground. This can result in tire blow out because of frictional heat between the tire and road. It is recommended to keep the tire pressure just right and also to follow the speed rating on the tires.

6.     Check the Backup Systems

Before hauling in Sacramento, check and ensure that the emergency breakaway cable is attached to your towing vehicle. This would trigger the trailer brakes, and stop the vehicle quickly if the trailer gets disconnected from the hitch. It is just like the emergency cable on a treadmill that stops the trailer quickly upon disconnecting.

7.     Always be Prepared

While hauling in Sacramento, keep your focus on the road, to anticipate any sudden braking ahead. Applying brakes to a tow truck is very tricky because every time you apply brakes, your vehicle and trailer push you forward more than a normal vehicle. So, you might want to make sure that your speed is steady and any slowdowns are not sudden, but gradual.


Having a hauling vehicle is great but it is not child’s play. When you are on with giant machinery, you need to consider few things while hauling in Sacramento. The above-discussed tips will not only help you remain safe but also help in towing vehicles. If you want a professional for hauling in Sacramento, Lawson Inc. is a call away.


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