7 Things Top SEO Consultants Won’t Tell You About Search Success


Figuring out how to succeed in search engine optimization can be challenging. Changes happen all the time. Experts who follow the trends can determine how to move forward successfully. Therefore, it makes sense to work with top SEO consultants. They understand what it takes to boost the company. They can also provide services that will change the business’ trajectory.

Below are seven top secrets in search engine optimization that top SEO consultants won’t tell you in regards to search success.

  1. Anything that slows the website down must go

Most marketers think that SEO success depends on producing quality content. While it’s true, it’s not the only essential factor. Loading speed also plays an important role. When the website loads slowly, it will turn off potential users. They might leave the website right away. On average, users are only patient enough to wait for up to three seconds. Anything that goes beyond it might turn them off.

Therefore, it helps to remove unnecessary elements. If they slow things down, they’re not worthy of inclusion on the website anymore. For instance, background music doesn’t help attract more audiences. If anything, they’re distracting. Besides, these users are already listening to songs before they open the website. It will only annoy them if they hear the background music. Unnecessary videos, graphics, and animation also need to go. The goal is to speed things up, and their presence will do the opposite. Google also made it clear that slow loading websites will get pushed down in the ranking. There’s an emphasis on web speed in SERPs, and failure to focus on it can hurt the efforts to do well.

  1. Link building remains valuable

Some marketers might think that link building isn’t an excellent strategy. They believe that it doesn’t do anything to entice more users. The truth is that link building remains a valuable strategy. It allows the website to rank higher in search engines. It can even spell the difference between two websites with quality content. Google would rank a site higher if it succeeded in building links.

There are many ways to build links. It includes guest blogging. Leaving articles across different blogs will increase brand awareness. The links embedded on these blogs will also increase traffic towards the website if many people see them. Links coming from authority sites are even better. Given their value, Google will place more emphasis on links coming from them.

Another strategy is to participate in forums. It’s a strategy that many marketers tried to brand as outdated. In reality, forums are even more powerful. People go to these sites if they want to express their views on different issues. They prefer the anonymity of forum participation. Another benefit of using forums is that there are specific topics discussed. If it focuses on beauty secrets, the participants are probably interested in buying beauty products. Therefore, businesses in this industry can benefit from joining the forums. Craft an excellent response and embed the link appropriately to entice more people to click the link back to the website.

  1. SEO isn’t only about what the machine wants

Another mistake marketers think is that search engine optimization is about what the machines want. While it’s true that technical SEO plays a significant role, it’s not the only factor considered. Upon reaching the top pages of Google, the users will find the link and read the content. If they didn’t like what they found, they might immediately leave the page. It forfeits the purpose of SEO in the first place. The point is that, ultimately, human readers will see the article. Inviting them should be the priority. Technical SEO is useful, but it’s not everything. Writing content solely for search engines is a big mistake. Make sure the content is relevant, and without grammar or spelling issues.

  1. Simplify the URL

If the users can’t understand the URL, the search engines will probably think the same. While the URL is long, it’s easy to understand. Both humans and search engines won’t have issues reading the details. Avoid using plenty of numbers and characters that human readers won’t understand. Limit the dashes to shorten the URL.

  1. Social media marketing plays a huge role

Social media is useful in search engine optimization. There was a time when people didn’t think that social media success can also translate to SEO success. These days, the lines between the two begin to blur. A successful social media marketing campaign can also lead to a bump in search engine rankings.

The goal of social media marketing is to engage as many people as possible. Not all of them will decide to click the link, but they will at least follow the page. If they realize that they need the products and services offered by the company, they might visit the page. It takes a while for some users to feel convinced. Therefore, regular activities on Facebook are a must. The top SEO consultants will determine how to use consistent social media marketing for SEO success.

  1. Consistent posting is necessary 

Apart from writing fresh and unique content, Google also wants marketers to be consistent. It’s not enough to post a few times a month. Consistency in the publication is among the factors considered by Google and ranking different pages.

  1. Encouraging reviews is possible 

Reviews are also useful in different ways. When users read positive reviews, they will feel more inclined to buy the products. It’s necessary to ask previous customers to leave a review. A consistent reminder will help. Simplifying the review page is also a useful strategy. After seeing reviews, there should be an immediate response.

Top SEO consultants will make the job easier 

The good thing is that the top SEO consultants understand the changes in online marketing. They can consider different ideas that can lead to online success. While there are plenty of resources online, they don’t provide a complete picture. There are still a few things most experts won’t divulge. The company needs to work with experts who dealt with different SEO practices before. They can help the company succeed.


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