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7 Different Types of Ceiling Fans

Did you know about 80 million American homes have at least one ceiling fan?  Whether you’re buying a new home and could use some new ceiling fans or you’re looking to update your current ones, there are so many types of ceiling fans.

Learn more about all of the ceilings fans on the market.

  1. Remote-Controlled Fans

Many fans can come with a remote control so that you don’t have to get up and down to adjust it. One minute you may be hot and need it to a higher speed, but the next, you want to turn it off.

This is the easiest way to make quick adjustments. These fans are great for rooms with extremely high ceilings, short pull cords, or outdoor spaces.

In this category, you can also find a smart fan. Smart ceiling fans are becoming more and more popular through the generations. Many of these fans are operated via WiFi and Bluetooth.

  1. Dual Motor Ceiling Fans

These fans are unique and allow for multiple breezes and unmatched adjustability. These fans have one central motor in the middle with two swivel fans on the side.

Both of these fans can be moved and adjusted for the space they occupy. These are great for spaces that need help circulating the air, cover a wide area, and can be used outdoors.

  1. Energy Efficient Fans 

Like the title, these fans will save you money and are great for the environment. To reach this qualification, the fan has to use 20-30% less energy than a normal fan.

These fans have also gone through a testing process that can prove they save you money. This is great for homeowners that enjoy using fans but still want to save money.

  1. Low Profile Fans

These fans have also been called “hugger fans.” This simply means that they are closer to the ceiling, and they don’t hang down far.

These fans are recommended for ceilings that are less than 8 ft tall. The only downside of this is that the fan is so close to the ceiling, so it isn’t able to offer a lot of circulation.

  1. Standard Fans 

This is the most common fan you can find in a home. Many times the homeowner wants their fan to match the rest of their decor, which is possible.

These fans come in many colors, finishes, and blade sizes. If you’re purchasing a new fan, make sure you know how big your room is to get the correct sized fan to cool the area. If the fan is too small, you won’t feel the breeze at all.

  1. Outdoor Fans

These fans are useful if your space is open to humidity or is outdoors. The motors are made different than normal fans because they have to deal with outdoor environmental factors.

These fans are made with blades that resist warping due to moisture. Luckily these fans have a lot of options when choosing them for your space.

  1. Commercial Fans

Companies that operate in large warehouses need a way to keep their employees and products cool. These fans are usually greater than 55 inches and can occupy a space on the ceiling or the floor.

These fans can also be used on farms to keep the animals cool inside of a barn. Since they are bigger, they cost a bit more, and installation can take a couple of hours with additional equipment.

Types of Ceiling Fans 

With so many types of ceiling fans on the market, it can be hard to choose. Make sure to consider your space, how big your area is, and what you want your fan to look like. In no time, you’ll be installing the best fan for you.

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