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7 Construction Statistics That’ll Give You a Fatal Dose of Reality

It is no secret that construction is a dangerous business, but did you know that one-fifth of worker fatalities in 2019 were construction workers?

Construction fatalities happen often despite great improvements in construction safety over the years. The best way to prevent a construction fatality is to continue having construction contractors take every step possible to keep their workers safe.

Not only do these steps keep your workers safe, but it shows them that you care about their wellbeing and boosts their productivity. Continue reading to learn about seven construction fatality statistics that will shock you.

1.Small Companies Have More Fatal Accidents

Recent construction-related fatality statistics show that the majority of fatal accidents at their construction projects. A big part of this is because smaller construction companies don’t always have the budget to provide needed resources to their workers compared to large companies.

This is a big part of why almost 50 percent of fatalities in the construction industry occur at construction companies that have 10 or fewer employees working for them.

2.Most Construction Fatalities Happen in Four Ways

There are many ways for an accident to occur at a construction site. Construction fatality statistics show that over half of construction fatalities happen in one of four ways.


It is a normal part of a construction worker’s job to climb and work in high places. This is especially true when the construction company is working on a large construction project like a commercial building.

Falls from these high places frequently result in major brain injuries and damage to the spinal cord. The risk associated with falling isn’t isolated to large commercial buildings. Falls by construction workers that are building a residential home are also sometimes fatal.

Struck by an Object

The second most common construction fatality is when a construction worker is struck by a heavy object. The object could be a piece of building material like a heavy piece of steel or it could even be construction equipment like a bulldozer.

If the construction worker is struck with enough force, this incident leads to serious injury and sometimes even death. If the construction worker survives, it is possible that they’ll be left disabled.


Now more than ever, electricity is a vital part of every construction project. Electricity is required for powering many of the tools and equipment that construction workers use.

They are also expected to run the electrical wire for the building that they’re working on. This electric wire is required for the modern lifestyle that future inhabitants will want.

Running this electrical wire puts construction workers at a high risk of being electrocuted. In fact, almost ten percent of recent construction fatalities are a result of electrocution.

Pinned Between Objects

This type of fatality is also common with construction workers. It results when a part of a construction worker’s body is caught between two different objects or pieces of equipment.

A common type of this type of injury is when a construction worker gets a limb like an arm caught in machinery. This could result in a loss of the limb or even death.

Another common incident that results in a construction worker being pinned between objects is if a wall collapses or falls on a worker on the job.

3.Construction Workers Are Most Likely To Die From a Fall

Of all of the jobs in the United States, none is more likely to have a worker fatality as a result of falling than a construction worker. Construction workers make up over 50 percent of deadly falls by workers each year.

This amount might not be overly surprising considering how many construction workers across the country spend hours on scaffolds and steel beams each day, but it is still a staggering amount of workplace fatalities.

It is a clear reminder of the importance of fall prevention training for construction companies both large and small. It is vital for providing construction workers with a safe work environment.

4.There Is a 1-in-200 Chance of Construction Fatality

It sounds crazy, but a construction worker that works in the construction industry for 45 years has a 1-in-200 chance of dying on the job. It is a clear indication that safety is required every single day that is spent on a construction site.

Safety inspections and diligent training are vital for keeping workers safe and healthy on the worksite.

5.There is a 10 Percent Chance of Injury Each Year

Another crazy stat involves the likelihood of sustaining an injury from working at a construction site. Did you know that construction workers have a 10 percent chance of getting injured on the job every year?

While fatalities might seem prevalent, non-fatal workplace injuries are much more common when it comes to the construction industry.

6.Safety Precautions Work

There is no better way to keep construction workers safe and prevent workplace injuries than by implementing safety precautions. Construction companies save a ton of money with each injury they avoid.

Companies that invest in lots of safety training save money in the long run and do a much better job of keeping their workers safe and healthy.

7.Construction Fatalities Are Trending Down

These statistics might not show it, but recent construction fatalities are on a downward trend across the United States. While accidents will still happen with construction workers, there are steps that construction companies need to take in order to ensure the health of their workers.

They should do this by conducting frequent inspections for safety issues. They should also provide frequent training sessions for worker and workplace safety.

Taking these steps keeps employees safe and happy. This boosts productivity and makes the construction company work more efficiently. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Start Preventing Construction Fatalities At Your Worksite

Accidents happen. There are steps that construction companies can take to ensure that their workers don’t become a construction fatality. Fatalities and injuries are trending down across the country, but there is still more to do.

Frequent safety training sessions and safety inspections go a long way towards keeping your workers safe and happy. It will also save the construction company money in the long run.

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