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7 Best Business Listing Directories in 2021

The business directories have become now the life and soul of the modern era. The coronavirus pandemic has further pushed society to rely on online listing websites to run businesses. The digital directories have not only protected the businesses but also have provided the fertile grounds to even take the business to the next level. The reason for the popularity of the business directories is the user-friendliness and better outcomes. This is why you’d notice more and more businesses are turning to the local directories to increase their market share. One of the most promising new names is Citylocal pro that is getting a lot of attention from local businesses. The following directories offer some unique features to be called the best in the market.

1.     BOTW

The Best of the Web or BOTW was created in 1994 and it wouldn’t be wrong to call it one of the pioneers. It has about sixteen million registered businesses and receives about 60k visits per month and it mostly targets the US market. They has taken steps to facilitate the local businesses even more by starting a blog as well. A great US business directory, especially if you are a starter or suffering backlashes from COVID-19. Because it is a trusted directory and it has years of experience in satisfying both customers and businesses to reach new heights together.

2.     AboutUs

This particular directory attracts about 200k visitors per month on average. The reason for this immense traffic is the uniqueness of its services. It was originally formed as a business domain directory but they have taken it to another level and now allow all kinds of websites to be submitted. So, anyone who is searching for an authentic service provider ought to visit this website sooner or later. Because it is quite easy to find businesses in this directory. The reason for that is everyone submitted business gets reviews and shares their experiences about the submitted website or business. This website basically dares the business to prove its worth to potential customers.


Spoke facilitates its users in finding business people, companies, news, and much more. It is quite easy to add a person or a business to this directory. As of today, it has about 1.4 million active companies and about 5 million people listed on it. It attracts about 80k visitors per month which is more than enough to make it a potential local directory to register your business. This directory understood the need to register business people as well and by doing that it creates a powerful network of companies and people together. If you are still thinking about branding, then it can be your first step.

4.     Google My Business

Google is the most powerful search engine that the world has ever seen. This is why registering your business with Google My Business is quite advantageous. If you are familiar with SEO, then this directory in particular doesn’t need an introduction. Their services are easy to use and registering a business is free. However, later if you want to promote your business the fees will be added based on your marketing plan. It is a great place to get yourself registered and it is one of those directories that can’t be skipped if you want your business to get the fame it deserves.

5.     Bing Places

Bing comes in the list after Google and about 6% of the world uses this specific business directory. The biggest reason for its popularity is that it is owned by Microsoft and it is the default search engine of the internet explorer and Microsoft edge. Since it is backed up by a huge name that dominates the computer market, that’s why adding your business place this listing can be very beneficial for the future. It offers its services free of cost and it is quite easy to build up a good profile and start getting expected results.

6.     Yahoo

It is impossible to talk about Bing and Google without mentioning Yahoo. It is also one of the pioneers and Yahoo Local owns six other directories as well. At one time it teamed up with Bing to take on Google but that joint venture didn’t last long. It offers unique features that allow business owners to set up a quick profile of their business. The annually hosted traffic is a lot more than most of the digital directories that are why you must register your business here if you are looking for a quick boost.

7.     Citylocal Pro

Citylocal Pro is relatively a newer entry as compared to the pioneers. Still, it offers some of the very best features free of cost to its users. It specifically targets the local market and finds the hidden gems of the business world. The data is well categorized, and it makes finding any business easier than you think. Because star ratings and customer reviews are quite effective to filter the best match for your needs. The best part is they offer their services free of cost and now finding the best company for any kind of need is just at your fingertips. Finding a reliable digital directory has become quite difficult because of increased competition.

The market has become quite saturated and picking a directory that will sort out all of your issues isn’t that easy. A suggestion from a friend or from a reliable resource can really come in handy, otherwise going along with a local directory is your best shot at achieving your strategic goals. It is recommended to hire professional support to develop a good company profile.

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