6 Things To Consider When Buying A TV Wall Mount

TV Wall
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One of the best things about high-definition TV sets is they’re flat enough to mount on a wall. If you decide to position your TV on the wall, it can save a lot of space in your living room or bedroom. While it might be ideal to search for a TV wall mount for your home, not every mount will have the same quality. There are certain factors to think of before buying one.

How To Choose A Wall Mount?

When it comes to aesthetics, mounting a television is already a staple for modern home décor. If you want to make your space appealing, it’s time to invest in one. With TVs getting slimmer every year, you can readily position them in a flat wall, corner, or even above a fireplace.

Here are several considerations when buying a TV wall mount:

TV Wal
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1. Specifications Of Your TV

An important factor when selecting a TV wall mount is your television’s specifications to ensure both are compatible with each other. The majority of mounts are compatible with specific TV sizes and weights.

If your wall mount can only support a 32″ TV, mounting a larger model is not a good decision since it cannot support the weight and might only end up crashing on the floor sooner or later. You should fully understand the specs on the wall mount’s packaging and choose one that can support your TV’s weight and height to ensure an efficient TV wall mount installation.

2. Degree Of Swivel

Depending on your specific needs, a wall mount can stay in one position or swivel. Today, you can find wall mounts with these functions. You can allow your TV to sit on the wall without moving with a stationary mount or choose a swivel mount that’ll enable you to move your TV in another direction.

Some wall mounts hang the TV close to the wall, similar to a photo frame. Other mounts have an arm to keep the television slightly away from the wall.

3. Price

Today, you can find different TV wall mounts with varying prices. It’s best to steer away from cheap mounts since you won’t have the assurance it can hold your television safely. Always consider the quality and sturdiness it can provide to your unit. You can find a wall mount within your budget range without sacrificing overall quality.

4. Wall Type

The wall is also an essential factor to consider when looking for a TV wall mount. If you have a concrete wall, any type of mount will work. Just make sure you have the best fittings for the wall.

Today, some manufacturers offer mounts with fittings. It’s important to note fittings may or may not be suitable for all types of walls. When you have a plasterboard wall, avoid mounting on it alone since the TV is likely to tear it.

If you’re going to purchase a wall mount, you might also consider getting tubing or any other device to conceal cables coming to and from the unit once it’s mounted. Once you mount your television, try to think of a way to hide the wires from video game players, DVDs, and other devices.

5. Sources

Today, you can obtain wall mounts in various retailers. There are mounts in different brands with choices for the type and TV size. If you have a budget, you can find a good deal online. Take note, the markup on physical stores tends to be higher.

6. Type Of Wall Mount

When checking for TV wall mounts online, you should check the weight they can support. Various brands vary in weight even if the TV size is the same.

Flexibility is also an essential factor. When you want to see your TV from other parts of your house, a pivoting wall mount might be a good choice since you can adjust the direction. In case you’re going to mount your TV above the standard eye level, you should invest in a wall mount that tilts down to enjoy the best picture quality.

In case you’ll position the TV at the ideal height without the need to access TV ports regularly, a fixed TV walll mount is the right choice. You can even consider getting a slim wall mount to achieve a streamlined appearance.

If you plan to mount your TV in a corner, you need a special corner mount. In such instances, you need a fully movable mount to fasten the mounting plate on the wall while keeping the TV’s position extended at all times.


When choosing a TV wall mount, pay close attention to its style and the amount of weight it can hold. These considerations will guide you in finding the suitable wall mount for your TV in no time.



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