6 Best Exercises for Relieving Neck Pain and Tension


Did you know that around 80% of people will experience neck pain at some point in their lifetime and as many as 50% suffer from it every year?

While a kink in the neck doesn’t usually have any major complications, it can be a nuisance in your day-to-day life. If you want to know how you can start relieving neck pain, the good news is that a few simple movements can give you great results.

Keep reading to learn 6 different neck exercises that will reduce your pain and improve your mobility.

1. Neck Circles

There are plenty of benefits of neck circles, but the most impressive one is being able to increase your flexibility only within a minute or two. Neck circles are also easy to do, so you can try them anywhere and anytime whenever you need some relief. All you have to do is roll your head around in a full circle slowly until you feel the muscles relax.

2. Ear to Shoulder

If you need a treatment for neck pain, ear to shoulder is another great exercise for relieving muscle tension. Lower your head as much as you can to one side and keep stretching toward your shoulder. Once you loosen up, send your head over to the other side and keep repeating until your movements feel fluid and painless.

3. Forward Fold

Neck pain symptoms can stem from problems throughout your entire body, which is why it’s smart to throw in some stretches that work several muscles. Forward folds involve standing up straight, then lowering your upper body down to meet your legs. As you go down, keep your neck relaxed so your head hangs heavy and gravity gives you a deep stretch.

4. Seated Twist

Seated twists can be done on a yoga mat or even in a normal chair or bed. All you have to do is sit and use a bit of arm strength to twist your body to the left and right. As you do this, you should try to look behind your shoulder as far back as possible without hurting yourself.

5. Cobra Pose

Cobra pose is an amazing addition to any daily workout routine. If you’re guilty of having a bad posture and hunching throughout the day, cobra will give you more balance. To do a cobra, lie down on your stomach with your hands pressed into the floor by your shoulders and lift your upper body off the ground with your neck and back muscles.

6. Shoulder Rolls

Shoulder rolls can alleviate lots of tension in your upper body muscles. Simply rolls your shoulders forward in circles for a while, then try rolling them backward for a different type of stretch.

Relieving Neck Pain Is Easier Than You May Think

Relieving neck pain can seem impossible during your stiffest days, but it’s reassuring to know that these exercises are all you might need to loosen up.

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