6 Benefits of Yogurt for health

Portrait of yogurt. Young woman eating yogurt.

There are number of dairy product such as butter, milk, yogurt and cheese etc. It is nutritive food for the service of mankind. Some people use it as a good quality food.

Yogurt is very useful for human, to control many diseases for instance osteoporosis, heart problems and over-weight issues. Now, we have to need to understand the benefits of yogurt for health.

Moreover, You can also freeze yogurt for later use.

Important components of Yogurt

When milk pass through bacterial action then it will convert into yogurt. Lactose naturally found in milk, which is also known as milk sugar.

By bacterial action, we get lactic acid from yogurt, which is special substance that can convert the milk protein into curdle.

It has unique taste, smell, flavor and texture. Mostly, we get it from all types of milk. There are two types of yogurt such as given below.

Fat free yogurt

Full-fat yogurt

First type of yogurt obtained from skimmed milk while on the hand second type got from full milk.

  1. Yogurt is source of vital nutrients

One of the benefits of yogurt for health is useful source of important nutrients. It contains most important nutrient that’s essential for human body. One cup of yogurt contains the following essential components for example;

  • Calcium 49%
  • Phosphorus 38%
  • Magnesium 12%
  • Potassium 18%
  • Vitamins B especially B12 and riboflavin
  • And some mineral tracers

Calcium is very essential for healthy growth of teeth and bones. Vitamin B and their derivatives provide shield against neural tube formation problems and heart related diseases. While others element such as phosphorus, magnesium and potassium are helpful to regulate metabolism, bone growth and blood pressure.

Yogurt gives us countless benefits for instance to cope with heart disease and depression. Especially, it boosts up our immune system.

  1. Yogurt is rich with Protein

Yogurt is naturally occurring protein. It is very supportive to raise the rate of metabolism as a result rate of energy expenditure high. Recently studies show that saturated fat is more beneficial for good health. It is helpful to combat with heart problems.

Actually, consumption of more protein cause to regulate appetite as a result more production of hormones. Consequently, more calories are burn which is very useful to control body weight.

  1. Yogurt is useful for digestive system

Some bacteria are present in yogurt that’s important for fermentation process. These are quite useful for our digestive system. Unfortunately, in the process of pasteurization many bacteria are killed. These bacteria play vital role in the formation of yogurt. For this purpose, we should have active culture of probiotics.

There are two types of bacteria which found in yogurt. Names of these bacteria are listed below.



These bacteria are helpful to cope with digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipation and bloating.

  1. Yogurt provides us strength to our immunity

Probiotics, vitamins and minerals found in yogurt, boost our immunity health. These micro-organisms are help to reduce inflammation. Bacteria develop the immunity against common cold and flu. Moreover, Mg, Se and Zn are immunity enhancer.

  1. Yogurt has ability for treatment of Osteoporosis

Yogurt contains protein, vitamin D as well as other elements such as P, Ca and K. These key nutrients are maintaining bone development. One of the most important benefits of yogurt for health is to use for cure of bone disease for instance osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a condition in which pores form in bones as a result it become weak. This is common in old women as compared to male. Consequently, bones become brittle due to having low density in weight.

  1. Benefit of yogurt for health of Heart

It was old believed that yogurt fat is not good for health but recently studies show that saturated fat is gold for heart. In fact, there is no clear proves yogurt fat is unsafe to our heart. Furthermore, fat found in yogurt is good HDL cholesterol, which is useful for heart health.

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