5 Ways to Make Decisions Faster

Decisions Faster
Decisions Faster

Decision Making is one of the toughest things that one has to deal with on a day-to-day basis but guess what? That’s what life is all about, making tough decisions, and quicker. Now there are times in life when making a decision as easy as it gets but other times there are some decisions that certainly require us to be more sensible and take time.

But as it happens to be, we don’t mostly have this luxury of time and sometimes we are just too indecisive and we just don’t know what to do. But the first thing you need to do is just sit back and relax for a minute because you can never make a good decision if you are hurrying up on things, you need to take your time, you heard me right, time!

So, let’s start with the basics of making a decision:

Talk It Out

Some people just need somebody to listen even when they don’t need people to tell them what they think but just be there and listen, which means they are good at letting their emotions out by speaking to others and exploring other options. And if you are someone like that, making a conversation with others may be the quickest way and to not mention the easiest way to reach a decision.

All you need is a good listener, someone who gets you, someone who makes you feel comfortable and wanted.

Make a Pro/Con List

If you are someone like me and you are having a hard time making decisions because you just can’t afford to mess it up, well it would be a tremendous help to put together a list of pros and cons for each of the choices that you have, you can definitely use this random team generator tool to help you make a list faster.

Once you have made the list of all the pros and cons, just go over all the choices and weigh the pros and cons and see if now you have the perspective to make the decision but if you find yourself still struggling with the decision, you can always leave it up to random choice and let the fate decide what’s best for you.


Get Opinions

One of the best ways to make a decision and a better one is to ask your friends for help. It doesn’t have to be a friend, it could be a co-worker or your parents, someone who is close to you and understands you better than anyone else.

Getting second opinions is always better if you are really struggling to make the decision on your own. But it could sometimes complicate things if you end up with more choices to choose from but you can always work it out using the pro/con list as well to see which option works best for you!

Final Thoughts

Now there are many ways to reach a decision but you know yourself better than anyone else, so just be confident in your approach and be fine with your decision as we are not perfect and so are our decisions. Sometimes they turn out to be the best decisions in our life whole other, they don’t work out well for us but that’s what life is all about imperfections.

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