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5 Tips for Baristas

How did the hipster burn his tongue?

He drank his coffee before it was cool!

Okay, coffee puns aside, it takes hard work and attention to detail to become a great barista. You have to know the equipment, recipes, coffee jargon, and prices.

But how do you take your service from good to great? Read below for 5 tips for baristas that will help a latte!

1. Know the Coffee

Knowing the different varieties of coffee allows you to make recommendations to customers and answer customer questions. Knowing the coffee means tasting every beverage your cafe offers.

During barista training, you should take notes on each coffee and the flavor profiles. Write down the subtle differences between blends and study new menu items immediately. You should also know where your coffee comes from and whether it’s purchased in bulk.

2. Listen and Repeat

When a customer orders a coffee, listen to every detail they offer. And if you miss something, don’t be afraid to politely ask them to repeat it. Never assume you know what they asked for if you didn’t hear it clearly.

Get into the habit of repeating a customer’s order back to them. This practice will cut into miscommunications and delays in service.

3. Build Rapport with Regulars

When it comes to how to be a barista, spectacular customer service is perhaps the most important thing. You should be friendly, kind, and always offer a smile.

Once you’ve worked for several weeks as a barista you will be able to identify the regulars and their orders. If face recognition or memorizing orders doesn’t come easily to you, consider a small notebook in your pocket to use as a cheat sheet. Show loyal customers that you remember them and value their business.

4. Clean up as You Go

Here is one of the most important new barista tips we can offer – always be cleaning. Sanitized machines and clean serving dishes and utensils can make or break your reputation. If you have a minute in between customers, search around you for surfaces or items that need cleaning.

A clean workspace will allow you to make better coffee under less pressure. Also, be sure to do a thorough cleaning before closing so that you’re ready to get started first thing in the morning.

5. Be Consistent

This advanced barista tip can be tough to master but it’s crucial for your success as a barista. Every time you make a latte or add a splash of almond milk to a dark roast it needs to be consistent. Use measurement tools, follow recipes precisely, and don’t just estimate when things get busy.

Your customers expect their orders to be the same every time. And if you can deliver that – you have a loyal customer.

Start Using These Tips for Baristas Today!

Now you have 5 key tips for baristas that you can start implementing right away. A knowledgeable, dependable, friendly barista will always succeed no matter what the environment.

Never stop thriving to be better at your job – customers and bosses notice!

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