5 Things You Must know While suggesting a Court Reporting Service

Court Reporting Service
Court Reporting Service

Professional court reporters record a wide range of court events, including documents, conferences, meetings, court proceedings, videos, and many other recorded depositions or written documents. Most people think of a court reporter as a stenographer, documenting and everything happening in a court. However, that is not true in today’s world. A professional court reporter, other than documenting court proceedings, utilizes his knowledge and skills for proper interpretation of the proceedings and has the ability to impact legal decisions. The job of a court reporter in today’s world has become crucial. This article comprises a list of five things that you must look for while choosing a court reporter.

1. Reputation

There are various kinds of court reporters. The main categories are independent court reporters and government reporters. Independent reporters can be an individual or a reporting agency. If you are looking for a professional court reporter, look for a court reporting service that is reputable and reliable. Mainly a reporting service with a well-maintained website and testimonials is desirable. Do not hesitate to ask around, do a little bit of research, and ask specific questions to be sure that you pick a trustworthy court reporting service.

If a professional court reporting agent or agency has an error-riddled website or ad, or if there aren’t enough recommendations, it’s better to look somewhere else. The best court reporting services are highly professional about all aspects of their services, including advertisement.

2. Professional Support Staff

While you are out looking for a court reporting service, pick the one which has professional conduct, and proper staff to handle the clientele. No one wants to waste their time calling an agency only to have an automated response by machine, or getting in a waiting line for some real person to respond to schedule a meeting.

If a firm has designated machines to respond to for scheduling meetings, it is advised to look somewhere else. You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to legal proceedings. You want a court reporting service that is always there when you need it.

3. One-Stop Solution

When you look for a court reporting service, it is not only a stenographer that you want for a successful deposition. While arranging a deposition, you need an interpreter, a videographer, and audiovisual equipment handler, and a conference site.

But, that does not mean that you need to hire services of multiple vendors for all these needs. There are various court reporting services that offer all these services under one roof. Professional agencies will arrange all these services with just one phone call.

4. Quality Court Reporters

No doubt everyone wants to avail services of the best court reporter, but how can you tell if you have picked the right person for the job?

Well, it’s pretty simple and easy to identify if you have got the right person. A quality court reporter is licensed by the state.

A good court reporter will exhibit professionalism in his overall conduct. It does not mean ‘only’ showing up on time and performing assigned duties, which amounts to the quality court reporter. It means that a quality court reporter will be up-to-date, has the expertise to utilize technological resources effectively, and knows how to report court proceedings to win public favour on his side. They know the courtroom decorum and are not afraid to consult with you if they have any questions or concerns.

Other than this, a quality court reporter must have proofreading, editing and research skills. He must be organized and able to multitask. Ideally, his typing speed must not be less than 200 words per minute.

5. Quality Transcripts

The availability and quality of documents will let you decide about the quality of a court reporter. Find out when you will get your copy of the transcript and also make sure that it meets state requirements. Moreover, transcripts prepared by court reporters can be easily bound or unbound for internal office use. An added quality would be to ensure that the court reporting service provides translations of court transcripts.


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