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Thursday, May 13, 2021

5 Sustainable Waste Management Solutions

Sustainable waste management can offer a lot of benefits, including pollution control. Every waste people dump has a certain effect on the environment. Disposing medical waste incorrectly may poison the water while waste foods invite rodents, flies, and other hazardous animals.

Practicing Waste Management

With sustainable waste management, you’d be able to deal with your wastes properly while conserving the environment. Here are waste management strategies you can try:

Plastic containers for garbage of different types. Waste management concept. Different types of Waste: Organic, Plastic, Metal, Paper, Glass, E-waste. Separation of waste on garbage cans for recycling

1. Compost Food Wastes

One eco-friendly way of disposing of is through composting as this can reduce food wastes. At home, you can place your leftover food in a bag. While you’re at work, you can do it in the cafeteria or break area. Some of the things you can compost are eggshells, tea bags, pizza boxes, coffee filters, and excess fruits. To lessen fruit flies and odors, make sure to seal the composting bag or bin tightly.

Besides, make sure to use a compostable bag to conveniently transfer wastes in your composting pile. Having a compost pile is a good addition to your home or office garden since it helps in nourishing the soil.

Generally, composting converts and recovers organic things into soil-like and stabilized wastes packed with various compounds to make the ground more fertile.

2. Waste Collection

Collection of wastes shouldn’t be left to the municipal authority alone. It should be an obligation of every person, organization, government, and business to dispose of and segregate their wastes. Household waste collection is usually done by a garbage truck that goes to every point of the town to collect garbage.

This system should be centralized or streamlined so all wastes are categorized and collected. What can’t be recycled should be put in a separate container to avoid contaminating the recyclables.

Also, some companies such as Same-Day Rubbish Removal are providing disposal services of any type of waste for a reasonable price. Considering to give them your waste materials would ensure your garbage would be properly collected on the same day. You could research companies near your area and inquire about their policies.

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Through recycling, you’d be able to save energy, utilize old materials a different use, and keep wastes out of incineration and landfills. You should have a separate bin for collecting recyclable materials such as plastics, bottles, paper, and glass. If possible, reuse items like plastic bottles rather than throwing them after you use them.

Reusing items would keep them from being piled in the dumpster, conserving the environment. What’s more, it’ll also lessen your purchase of such products. For example, rather than having takeout foods in cups and buckets, you could visit a restaurant and have your foods on plates or storage boxes that can be easily cleaned and utilized again.

4. Lessen The Use Of Paper

Regardless of the world becoming more technologically advanced, the majority of businesses are still using ink and paper for their transactions. To become sustainably accountable for the surroundings, people need to lessen the amount of paper they’re using.

Instead of using these materials, businesses are advised to go digital and take advantage of cloud storage. In this way, natural resources such as plants and trees would be saved.

If possible, print only when it’s extremely necessary. Now that many employees are working remotely, printing wouldn’t be that much of a need, so always strive to do paperless transactions.

It’s also a good practice to write or print on both sides of the paper. You can also reduce margins to cut down the number of sheets needed.

5. Donate

Consider donating some of the stuff you no longer need that’s still in good condition because it’ll benefit other people who’d receive them. For example, grocery stores, restaurants, and hotels can donate spare perishable goods as well as prepared food to food banks and shelter homes.

You can also donate old hardware, computers, printers, and other electronics. Even old furniture such as chairs and desks could benefit people who don’t have the means to buy new ones.

Try looking for local organizations that are conducting donation drives. They’d be more than willing to receive your stuff. In this way, you’d be able to contribute in changing the lives of their beneficiaries.

Final Say

Being a responsible citizen means taking care of your wastes, but not everybody knows how to perform them properly. Therefore, it’s crucial to fully understand the types and amounts of wastes you’re producing and how to sustainably and effectively manage them.

You should also reduce hauling expenses, and negotiate for recycling and waste services that’ll suit your needs. After obtaining this knowledge, make sure to practice it regularly and share it with other people.



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