5 simple steps to increase your website’s traffic


Website traffic relates to the number of visitors on your website; there, we can also include certain actions that your visitors take while they are on the site. This can include broad search that your visitors take on your website’s parts, purchase products, services, etc. The number of visitors to your website is significant because it opens up many opportunities for you and your business. You can generate high-quality leads, increase the number of conversions, and you can grow your business further thanks to increased traffic. Having bigger traffic is vital for your site and it can be increased in many different ways and using different strategies. In the following words, we will go through 5 simple steps that you can take to increase your website’s traffic.


Adding sticky elements for better site navigation and branding

Sticky elements represent one truly effective way to increase your site’s traffic and generate more leads. They are accommodating, and they can make your site look professional and modern. Sticky elements help you organize your site better and point out the most important parts and features. We can say that purpose of sticky elements is to guide your visitors towards certain actions on your site, effectively turning them into your customers. The most popular sticky elements are the sticky header, sticky menu, navigation, widget, etc. Sticky header is one element that is widely used today, and it can be found it on many websites nowadays. But you must be wondering by now what is a sticky header? To put it simply, the sticky header is an element that fixes the menu to the top of the screen, meaning that it “stays” with your visitors as they scroll down your page. It is a very effective way of gaining visitor’s attention on the most important parts of your website. There are a lot of tools that you can use to make your elements sticky, but we have to mention WP Sticky as this plugin can be described as the crown tool for site navigation improvement. With WP Sticky, you will easily make any element any element sticky in a matter of seconds. This tool is supplied with so many handsome features, helping you to improve your site without a need for any advanced technical knowledge. It is incredibly fast, and there is no need for you to mess with code, as you only need to pick the element off the screen. You can apply this tool to any element on your website, making it sticky. It is also compatible with all themes, page builders, and plugins. And in case of any problems, you can count on professional help provided to you by the very same developers of this plugin. You will also find many examples for sticky headers, menus, and other elements on WP Sticky webpage, as well as an instructional video for making sticky elements with this plugin so that you will be fully covered with WP Sticky support. More than 100 000 people use WP Sticky daily to improve their website and increase its traffic, and you should be one of them if you want to make your site better and with bigger traffic. 


Writing themes with bigger ranking potential.

If you have a blog, then writing a certain theme can improve your traffic significantly since there are some themes with bigger ranking potential that can help you launch your site on the top of all lists. There are many ways to find or make your themes have a bigger ranking potential; one of the most popular ways is keyword research. Finding a good keyword can lead visitors directly to your website, increasing your traffic significantly because no matter how good your content is, without a good title containing keywords that people search for, it can all be in vain. Your site will remain on the edge of the google search engine. And you don’t want to waste your time and knowledge writing themes that good content, but nobody reads them. You can find many guides as well as some tools to do good keyword research. Besides keyword research, it is important to keep your content updated constantly, not only by writing new posts but also by reexamining old ones as well. Themes can get better rankings also when you enrich your posts with good visual design when you put some images and templates. This will all help you to increase your traffic and to do better blogs.


Guest posts

Guest posts can bring you so many benefits, and they can increase your website’s traffic making your business flourish. Thanks to guest posts, you can make your brands and products popular; you can instantly spread their message and grow it. Your traffic can grow by its nature thanks to this type of blogging because sometimes it is only enough for you to get a link to your site on guest blogs and posts to make your rankings better. You will gain more users and clients, and most importantly, you will build a network of associates that can further develop your business. A top tool that can help you organize and create professional guest posts is definitely WP Author Box. This plugin will help you to create a responsive author box at the end of your posts. This includes the author’s name, gravatar, description, and many more. WP Author Box simply makes contributing easier, helping you to create and share guest posts easier. You will easily assign posts to your guest authors and contributors, and you will not need to make a special account for them. You can even credit multiple authors, each according to their contributions to the projects you have. This plugin is fully customizable, meaning that you can customize your author box’s appearance by controlling margins, padding, layout, etc. Together with its many beautiful features, WP Author Box is a plugin that will make guest blogging on your website much easier and one truly contributing factor for your website traffic increase.


Content promotion via Social Media Apps

Social media channels are an excellent way to promote your content, which will lead to bigger traffic on your website. Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and recently Tik-Tok can help you place your products and services to a bigger audience and place your website on a higher level. With a good social media campaign, you will gain many benefits, and when combined with good website content, you will get a receipt for success in these modern times when digital marketing is at its peak. If you have a bigger budget, we highly advise you to find good social media managers and digital marketers since they can help you boost your rankings and place your products at the very top. If you cannot often afford expensive services from managers and marketers, you can find many good tools and pro tips online to help you organize your work better and capitalize on your products and services.


Develop e-mail marketing strategy

And last but definitely not least, e-mail marketing campaigns can enormously increase your website traffic if done properly. Thanks to e-mail marketing campaigns, you will generate more leads, visitors will take action on your website, your business will become a strong and rich one. With e-mail marketing, you can easily build strong customer relationships and better product placement. There are many tutorials, mechanisms, and plugins that will help you build a good website and increase its traffic.



Website traffic is something that you have to take care of constantly while you are building your site and business. Website traffic brings all the benefits that you need. It will bring you constantly new customers, it will make your products more visible, and you will be able to capitalize on your hard work. Website traffic cannot be easily improved; that is why in this list, you can find some good pieces of advice based on previous experiences by the pioneers in this field. Strategies combined with some of the best plugins that you can find on the internet will be your ticket for success and constant growth in this industry.

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