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5 Reasons Why Using a Safety Spray Shield Is Important

There have been over 5,500 total pipeline system incidents in the U.S. And there have been nearly 600 injuries and over $4 billion in damages.

As they say, prevention is best. So what can you do to protect your pipe system? Use safety spray shields.

A spray shield comes in many different forms. You can get paint spray shields, pipe valves, joints, and flange safety spray shields.

Read on to learn the top five benefits of using a safety spray shield.

1.Prevents Personal Injury

Safety spray shields prevent injuries and save lives every year. Piping joints, valves, and flanges are put under extreme pressure and wear. And with intense pressure, failures happen without a spray shield.

The result? Workers are then exposed to leaks and toxic chemicals.

Employees also work more efficiently if they feel adequately protected at work. If they experience fear or nerves, productivity goes down, and more mistakes are made. Safety spray shields provide the peace of mind everyone needs.

2.Reduces Risk of Equipment Damage 

Safety spray shields prevent the risk of damaging fluid equipment by containing it. A small leak can quickly cause considerable damages to nearby equipment and piping.

The correct spray shield depends on factors such as the pipeline system and the fluid. There are metal safety spray shields, fabric safety spray shields, and more.

Most safety spray shields are waterproof and can be used in different environments. This ensures reliability even in the harshest of conditions.

3.Prevents Downtime

The cost of pipeline leaks does not end at the damage to equipment. It also costs to have downtime while the system is repaired. Plus, many regulators require safety spray shields as part of their basic standards.

4.Protects the Environment

Spray shield manufacturers also are considering the importance of protecting the environment. Shields prevent leaks contaminating natural resources and surrounding environments. The higher pressure protection, the better.

Most shields are also reusable, can conserve energy, and help with sound reduction. All of these factors help protect the environment.

5.Easy to Use

Safety spray shields are also generally easy to install and maintain. Manufacturers often give the option for self-installation, which can take minutes! You do not need specific skills, so it is simple and effective without paying for installation.

The same goes for the removal of a spray shield. It is simple and can be done quickly when maintenance is needed. Some types of safety spray shields are also designed to be inspected without removal.

Your Piping Needs a Spray Shield!

A spray shield is a simple and cost-effective option that offers many benefits. Some benefits are not even optional, such as the safety of employees.

And the fact that there are various types of safety spray shield materials makes it a flexible option. There are multiple sizes to suit all different kinds of piping. If you are not sure what spray shields you need, such as a metal safety spray shield or fabric, ask the manufacturer.

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