5 Questions You Should Ask Your North Carolina Solar Company (Now)

North Carolina Solar Company
North Carolina Solar Company

In recent years, solar energy has become top of mind for many municipalities. Put simply, the world is running out of fossil fuels. We just can’t rely on things like coal and natural gas to power our world for much longer in the long-term.
Consequently, it’s time to move to renewable sources of energy. One of the best such sources is solar energy. Every day, the sun blesses the earth with huge amounts of light and heat energy that can be converted into electrical power that could run homes.
If you’re looking at a North Carolina Solar Company to install solar panels in your home, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the most important questions that you need to ask any contractor on your shortlist, as you evaluate potential vendors.

1.Is Your Company Licensed?

First and foremost, you need to ask any of the solar energy companies in North Carolina that you’re looking at if they’re appropriately licensed. The right solar energy company will be one that has been certified by the local governing organizations to be able to competently implement solar panels in a particular home.
In addition, the company will also need basic insurance policies required of every contractor (workers’ compensation, general liability, and the like).

2.Can You Provide Customer References?

Any good contractor worth its salt will be able to provide customer references. The same is certainly true for the top solar companies in North Carolina. If the vendor that you’re looking at is unable to come up with a few happy clients who you can call and talk to, then run in the opposite direction.

3.How Long Will the Installation Process Take?

Contractors are known to miss deadlines. A missed deadline on a solar panel installation can mean that you have to go without power at your home for an extended period of time. Or, you may have certain parts of your home that you don’t have access to.
Whatever the case may be, the solar company in North Carolina you choose should have a history of sticking to deadlines. 

4.What Are the Fees?

Whenever you’re looking for a solar panel installation contractor, be sure to shop around. Don’t just go with the first vendor you come across. Instead, ask for their fee structure and get multiple different quotes that you can use to negotiate. 

5.Do You Have a Guarantee?

Last but certainly not least, you should ask your contractor about their guarantees. Any good contractor, such as Blue Raven Solar, will stand by their installation and product with a good warranty.
Ask a North Carolina Solar Company These Questions
There you have it. Now that you know what questions to ask a North Carolina Solar Company, you should be far better equipped to zero in on the right contractor for your home.
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