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5 Kitchen Ideas with Subway Tile Glass Backsplash

Subway Tile has been here for decades. The reason they became such a big hit since their launch was their affordability, durability and simplistic design. They were first found around the NYC Subway stations in the early 1900s from where their famous name ‘Subway Tiles’ originated.Kitchen Ideas

They became a household staple eventually as they were easy to clean and maintain. A staple in every New York household, they started gaining a global outreach. From kitchen, bathrooms, mudrooms or laundry rooms, every house included these elements in their interior styles. The relevance was such that these subway tiles glass backsplash suited every home type, from country to contemporary, from modern to mid-century.

What exactly is a Subway Tile Glass Backsplash?

A typical design of subway tiles is 3 by 6 white coloured ceramic tiles that are arranged in a bond pattern. While the original designs of the white subway tiles are still very popular today, they are also available in a wide range of colours. You can find various textures, patterns and finishes from matt to high gloss, when it comes to subway tile glass backsplash.  The diversity is such that there is a subway tile for every interior style.

Moreover, the designers today are using this elegant style to their advantage by merging the classical look with a tasteful interior design. The old flair is merged with the newer trends to create a dynamic space. Some designers are even playing with the colour of the grout to enhance the look further by creating contrast. Some are also using white grout on white subway tile glass backsplash to create a seamless look that allows the spaces to look wider.

From a diverse range, we have picked a few of our favourites for you to explore the array of designs available in subway tiles to choose from.

  1. Classic Brown Glass Subway Tiles

These dark brown classic glass subway tiles are perfect for our kitchen and bathroom areas to create a sense of depth. If you love to have darker colours in your home decor, then these tiles give you aesthetics by adding detail-oriented aspects.

These tiles also give out an industrial look which gives a vintage vibe to the entire space. You can add more aesthetics to space by adding gold or brass accents along with the use of wooden elements. This will add a sense of warmth and elegance to your interiors.

You don’t necessarily need to hire a professional for the same. DIY with these subway tile glass backsplash is easily possible as they are lightweight and easy to carry. Many tiles also come with a pre-applied adhesive backing which is just as easy to apply and use.

  1. Matte Navy Subway Tiles

Navy Blue as a colour is all about its fresh and modern note which creates a sense of interest. Pairing this with a white backdrop can accentuate the space even more. You can add some floating wood shelves and cabinets to go with it.

Wooden textures both light and dark go well with these glossy finished subway tiles. If you wish to have a home that is a blend of both modern and classical style then adding a touch of navy blue would be perfect!


  1. Scandanavian Inspired Subway Tiles

Scandinavian style is one of the most trending interior styles adopted by many households. The minimalism and elegance that this style offers have made it a favourite. These shiny multi-coloured subway tiles belong to the same palette but add an eccentric play to your vertical walls.

These tiles would be perfect for a space that has a minimal backdrop to bring out the true material aesthetics of these timeless pieces. Textures and materials in the home also define the vibe, in this case, the intriguing pattern creates a playful spirit.


  1. Textured White

Although white subway tiles are a staple but textured white subway tiles are a dynamic take in itself. They maintain minimalism and subtlety with the use of white, whereas the textures and stripes add more depth to them.

If you have a suburban home then these clean and classic tiles can be a perfect addition. You can pair these with floating wooden shelves and cabinets in warmer tones to suit. A wooden flooring or ceramic tiled flooring with a pop of colour can break the monotony while creating a balance.

  1. Timber Textured Subway Tiles

With a growth in the diversity of these trending subway tiles, inclusiveness to wooden textures is also seen. Wood in itself is every homeowner’s favourite material. These timber textured subway tiles are for homes that wish to have an earthy or mid-century modern vibe.

The details of the wooden texture bring out the aesthetics of the space as well. A favourable backdrop would be to have a minimal background with shades of white or grey. The versatility of this subway tile is such that you can even pair this with a navy blue coloured wall.

Subway Tiles Glass Backsplash are a timeless piece. They have been a trend for the past few decades and will continue to be, even for a few more. So if you’re sceptical about its trendiness, then don’t think twice, grab your perfect subway tiles now!


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