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5 important gadgets for your entrepreneur journey

Productivity is a habit that will consciously creep in from the start and gradually become a part of you. Most importantly, if you are an entrepreneur, you can’t be drunk anymore – just do whatever you want.

I remember starting from an app that lets you edit documents anytime, anywhere. These were my backups. Since then, I have been used to trying out time-saving products and gadgets.

Most people think of tech products as fancy little toys without practicality, but frankly, that is a huge investment, especially for busy professionals.

Of course, most people are starting to do this – in fact, the wearable tech market is expected to exceed $ 19 billion by 2020.

From gadgets that keep tabs on your health and lifestyle to gadgets that can keep your finances running, the list goes on and on. But especially for companies that prefer to practice and promote productivity, I have chosen 9 personal favorites.

Let these gadgets help you find “effective” high-tech products.

1. Smart Wocket Wallet

The Wocket smart wallet is an inevitable technological advance. It offers something that most people like smartwatches can use as a useful tool that is nothing new when they are not wearing their watches. It is a secure storage option for credit and debit cards and can provide full security for any number of cards without having to carry the card.

This is a stand-alone device. In other words, you are not connected to a network or the Internet. This means that your card information will never be compromised unless someone personally owns your smart wallet.

If someone has stolen your smart wallet, they will not be able to access your card without biometric voice authorization and will not be able to steal your identification code password. You can store up to 10,000 cards, including credit cards, membership cards, debit cards, and coupons. You can use a dynamic programming card to pay the exact amount you need. This means that the seller cannot inadvertently charge more than the agreed price.

A card is used to log into the sales system used. Select the card you are using and remove the dynamic card from your wallet. If you are using a membership card or coupon, an appropriate barcode or template will appear on the screen and can be retrieved at the time of purchase. However, if you want to bring money to store your parking meter or charity box, you can add accessories. Even with accessories attached, the Wocket smart wallet is smaller than a regular wallet.

2. ZUtA laboratory printer

The ZUtA Lab started at the Kickstarter event and you can now pre-order this latest innovative product on the crowdfunding website.

This compact portable printer weighs only 350 grams and is only 10cm in diameter. It might not be the fastest printer in the world (it takes about a minute to print a page), but it’s the most portable.

The battery is fully charged for 1 hour, and the ink cartridge can print approximately 100 pages at a speed of 300 dpi. If you’re in a hurry, this is a nice little printer.

Since the ZUtA robotic printer supports Android, iOS, OSX, and Windows using a Wi-Fi connection, you can print any size of paper from your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Align Pages to Top of Paper is one page you can print at a time because you can find your way out of the page. Printing when multiple pages are sent, the printer stops at the bottom of the first page and waits cleanly at the top of the next page. Then click on the application to continue printing.

3. Motiv Ring

If you’re looking for something sleek and smarter than a hybrid smartwatch, the Motiv ring is for you. Its modern design and metallic finish envelop your finger to track heart rate, speed, and even sleep. It’s a must-have for long-wear-conscious businesses.


Plus, you don’t have to dictate what to do. Since all Motiv rings automatically detect, you can mount them and go into your daily activities without inventory. Waterproof and long battery life, you can meet a charged lifestyle.

4. Livescribe smartpen

The Livescribe smartpen can capture everything you write and everything you say. In the pen, the camera can take pictures while writing notes. It also has a built-in microphone so you can record what you’re talking about. When the stylus is turned on (you need to click the button), the stylus will start taking pictures of the note. The Livescribe SmartPen is available with Livescribe Dot Paper in a variety of sizes. One has a compatible laser printer, can print on your paper. If you choose not to take notes, you can record your voice and playback the session.


If you want to record a speaker who is struggling to write notes with slow writing speed, click the “record” icon at the bottom of the page and the remarks from that point on will be recorded with a pen. Stop recording at any time by clicking the “Stop” or “Pause” icon. If you select recording and memo at the same time, you can spend time listening to the speaker’s story and writing down only the most important information. Tap anywhere on the note you wrote later, and you can hear any part of the recording again.

5. Garmin Vivosmart3

To pay more attention to your fitness, Garmin Vivosmart3 comes with a lot of features. You can balance your mental and physical health by tracking activity, calories, exercise intensity, and heart rate. The heart rate monitor also tracks changes in your heart rate (HRV) to alert you when your stress level increases. Entrepreneurs know this. In these cases, you can use the built-in breath timer to reduce your stress level.


It has the advantage of showing notifications on your Vivosmart 3 so that you can always concentrate on your work, even if you are taking a walk. The Garmin Vivosmart isn’t as trendy as the Skagen hybrid watch, but its slim, clean design can blend seamlessly into any style, whether the corporate culture is more trendy or casual.

It is a guest post by Vishal Chaurasiya. He is head of content at Bestopedia and regularly publishes product reviews with the help of experts. He has 5+ years of experience in content creation.

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