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5 Fascinating Facts About Tanzanite

There’s no doubt that gems and minerals are eye-catching. With so many varieties in various colors and shapes, it’s hard to stay away from them! Plus, they’re perfect for wearing as jewelry.

Gemstones become even more interesting when they’re rare. One of the most beautiful and valuable gems you’ll come across is tanzanite. Its striking violet-blue color is just part of the appeal!

Keep reading on to learn some gemstone facts that will make you fall in love with tanzanite. Who knows, it might become your new favorite!

  1. There Is Only One Known Source

Tanzanite gets its name from its country of origin: Tanzania. But did you know that’s the only known place you’ll find it naturally? It’s even rarer than diamonds!

What’s even more mind-boggling is that only one region of Tanzania produces this precious gemstone. It’s located near Mount Killamanjaro, a volcano in the north. The same event that created the volcano also created the tanzanite.

Because there is such a limited source, geologists consider tanzanite to be at least 1,000 times rarer than diamonds.

2. Its Raw Form Is Trichroic

Have you ever looked at something and noticed that it appeared to be different colors from different angles? In its raw and uncut form, tanzanite fits this description.

This gem is known for being trichroic. Depending on the lighting and angle, it might appear in three different colors – violet, blue, and red. Once it gets polished into gemstone jewelry, it’s always sure to be unique.

3. The Largest Was Mined in 2020

The largest tanzanite in history discovered weighs in at 46,350 carats (about 20 lbs.) The raw piece was mined out by a man named Saniniu Laizer in the summer of 2020.

At the same time, he also mined another Tanzanite piece weighing 25,515 carats (about 11 lbs.) In exchange for the valuable gems, the Tanzanian government compensated Laizer with about $3.35 million.

4. It’s the Birthstone of December Babies

Every month has a corresponding birthstone – or a few. It’s always exciting to find out which one matches your birth month! Your birthstone might influence the way you buy gemstones, too.

People born in December will be pleased to know that tanzanite is a December birthstone!

So, if you have a December birthday, consider accessorizing or decorating with tanzanite. While you don’t have to wear your birthstone, it’s a fun way to show some personal flair!

5. We’re Running Out of It

Our planet Earth is full of limited resources, and tanzanite is no exception. Remember that it’s only mined in one location, so it’s considered an extremely rare gemstone.

Geologists believe that, within the next 10 to 20 years, natural tanzanite will be a thing of the past. Once we run out, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever find more of it again.

Share These Gemstone Facts About Tanzanite

Now that you know these incredible gemstone facts, you can tell all your friends about tanzanite! Of all the gems and minerals on the market, tanzanite is one of the most stunning. Just watch it become your new favorite!

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