5 Benefits Of Organic Chicken

Organic Chicken
Organic Chicken

The rise of consumption of meat has made poultry farmers choose the wrong methods in terms of farming the chickens, which has raised awareness amongst people to consume organic chicken. Humans are getting aware of how regular chickens can be harmful to them.

Difference between Organic Chicken and Regular Chicken:

As many of you would be unaware of what is the difference between organic chicken and regular chicken, let us explain:

Organic farming is a much cleaner process than conventional farming. Organic chicken is given a balanced feed and clean environment. Any kind of feed made from other animal parts is strictly prohibited in organic farming, and growth hormones aren’t used either.

Organic chicken is slightly expensive, but would you want to consume anything that could possibly harm your health? You wouldn’t right! That’s why we have come up with a few benefits that will help you understand the value of organic chickens:

It is healthier!

Organic or non-organic, chicken is known to be a source of protein and vitamins. It adds nutritional value to your diet and helps maintain a healthy body. But organic chicken has lower risks of salmonella or other diseases that are caused by the feed given to chickens. Organic chickens are raised in a safer environment and are not given any antibiotics, unlike factory-farmed chickens which are injected with them. The hormones given to commercially raised chickens can cause serious hormonal imbalance, especially in women. Teenage girls can face polycystic ovary syndrome due to steroid hormonal imbalance.

Furthermore, organic chicken has less salt and additives as compared to regular chicken because it is not injected with additives either for better flavours.

Less fat

The skin of an organic chicken has lower fat content than the regular chicken, It has 5% to 13% lower fat content. Organic chicken breast carries 154 calories per 100 gram, whereas regular chicken carries 175 calories.

It may taste better

Some people have a theory that organic chicken tastes more delicious than regular chicken while it may not make sense, but the logic behind it certainly does. Organic chickens are fed organic wheat, barley, corn, flaxseed, and other nutritional meals. They tend to have a balanced diet which is the reason that they may taste better. The encouragement of roaming outdoors results in greater muscle growth for the organic chickens instead of being crowded in a cage, like with conventional chicken farming. As they say, you are what you eat, and so, organic chickens can prove to be more beneficial for you.

They are better for the environment

The farming of organic chicken requires less or no exposure to chemicals. This process allows less pollution, reduced soil erosion, and energy consumption that is better for the ecology and hopefully will maintain its impact on the world.

There is nothing better as food than organic chicken broth.

The taste of broth made with organic chicken can add delicacy to all your favourite foods. It has protein and fatty acids that help you build a muscular body. All these nutritional values add to healthy skin, bones, and muscles. Not just that, chicken broth helps relieve the common cold and flu. It can help improve respiratory tract symptoms for allergies and bronchitis.

Now that you know the benefits of organic chicken, it’s time you get them for your meals as well. Looking for good quality organically reared chicken in the UK, get them from here.


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