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5 Benefits Fashion Influencers Obtain by Collaborating with Fashion Brands Online

The fashion world is glamming up with the fashion grammars.

Consumer trends affect all industries, but none more than fashion. This industry has to know consumer needs and perceptions before releasing a whole new clothing line.

In this digital era, to compete with the ever-changing market, fashion brands are always up for new challenges. Every brand is now in search of influencers who can portray their fashion ideation in the right consumer mind frame.

The global influencer marketing spend was forecasted at $5-$10billion by 2020. Such increasing statistics show the potential of the online influencer marketing campaign along with the ever-growing opportunity of being an influencer.

There are “n” number of fashion brands on social media platforms. The clothing brands are constantly engaging with influencers to showcase their vivid collection and attain brand awareness as well as brand recalling.

The clothing brands that work with influencers provide them with the utmost exposure online. There are perks like goodies, giveaways, photoshoots, and many others that a fashion influencer enjoys during the collaboration with a clothing brand online.

The global fashion influencer marketing market size is expected to expand at a CAGR of 35.7% for the forecast period 2020-2027. The growing usage of social media platforms across the globe is beneficial for influencer marketing for fashion brands. This fact will fuel the expansion of online marketing in near future.

If you are eyeing the influencer world to become one or are finding a fashion brand to collaborate with, then here are some perks that you will obtain as a fashion influencer.

5 Benefits a Fashion Influencer Obtains from the Influencer Marketing Collaboration

#1 Pay-per-post sponsorship

As a fashion influencer, you get many deals from the brands to join their branding campaign and enhance the product. The most beneficial one is, pay-per-post.

One does not have to promise x number posts and degrade the quality of the content. With such ad sponsorships, your focus remains on delivering a set of creative content featuring the product at its best.

On the other end, the brand also gets a satisfactory result which results in a strong and long-lasting business relationship for future endeavors.

#2 Influencer gets free samples

This is the most attractive deal a brand offers to an influencer. It will be a great branding opportunity for your fashion grammars though, as you are trying and testing the product before it reaches the audiences.

We as humans have a tendency of testing a trial product before making a purchase. In this digitization space, an influencer is looked upon as a trusted personality and so if you get a free sample it is an absolute perfect gig to lure the follower’s attention towards you and the product.

This perk is a win-win situation for both, the brand and the influencer. The influencer can also interact with the followers by going live on their channel with the application of a new sample and gain the trust of the potential customers for the brand.

#3 Direct giveaway contests

This is a very common tactic used to gain organic traffic to a product’s website. The giveaways lure the audience to both the party’s social media handle. Our human brain is very curious in nature, to know some more information it will go up to its extent.

Expert tip: As a fashion influencer, you only have to look at it that your followers or potential new traffic are fond of that particular fashion brand, clothing style, or makeup product. This is very much important to lure the right set of people to the brand through the influencer campaign.

Giveaways always help in interacting with the audiences and to know them better. One can also help brands in curating the giveaway product according to the follower’s tastes.

#4 Commission on sales and credit on first purchase

These deals are crucial ones, as an influencer has to work really hard to pull the act off. You need to interlink a website page or tag their names on the post. You will get commission only when a follower is redirected from your post or social media handle to the brand’s website. One has to do rigorous marketing and also use paid ad facilities on the platform for brand recall and recognition purposes.

The credit on the first purchase is a bit of a relaxing deal for you as one will obtain credit as and when your follower goes through your post to the website & purchases a product for the very first time. For this, you do have to promote the product on your page as well as through paid ad campaigns.

#5 Exposure to the branding world and community

Who does not like to glam up and address the branding community as a brand face of the company?

Brands give such an opportunity to influencers and make them a part of their community. This gives you exposure in the online and offline world & also builds a strong reputation among other colleagues dealing in the same genre.  You might as well be offered a photoshoot, as a part of the influencer marketing campaign. This gives a professional and clean look to your personality as well as the brand associated with you. It opens a new creative space for you.

Wrapping it up!

Clothing brands are looking for influencers, collaborating with one now. As a budding influencer, it will be a great opportunity and will give your personality a whole new creative perception.

Be a part of this vast fashion and clothing genre online and innovate your styling to attract more users. People are after clothes and the brands are after setting new clothing trends. Thus, there is no end to it. Both the parties will get their due importance online along with a fresh audience perspective. Being an influencer is a boon, grab the social media limelight and become one with the digital platform. Experience it for yourself and make a difference to online marketing strategies.

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