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4 Types of email attacks and their vulnerable effects

Email security is one the most important aspects that every business should consider in order to secure multiple aspects of its email system such as content, identity, email access, or media attachments. Appropriate security measures enable businesses to operate smoothly without the possible threat of privacy invasion or information breach.

There is no ultimate solution to the issue of privacy invasion. Social engineering attacks such as phishing are the reason behind malware attacks, data breaches and also lead to billions of dollars in loss for businesses all over the world. The reason behind email cyber attacks is to find a way to a larger data breach or as a targeted data breach.

Emails are open to attacks and hackers consider it as the central point or central repository of attacks for hackers. There are few ways through which your email account becomes a victim of identity theft, phishing attack, virus attacks, and spam emails. The cases of data breaches are increasing at an enormous pace every day, and it is becoming a serious matter of concern for everyday growing businesses. This article would provide you information on some common types of emaili attacks.


Phishing can mean one of two things, first one refers to “umbrella attack” which means any social engineering attack that is initiated via emaili, or a type of email attack where the attacker tends to send a lot of malicious emails in a confusing and untargeted way. Phishing is considered the most common type of emaili attack which tries to trick you into opening a file, clicking a link, or any similar action that causes harm.

Usually, such malicious emails are sent to multiple anonymous people. The word phishing does not only refer to one attack designed for a specific account instead it means a bulk email attack that affects thousands of email accounts.

Spear Phishing

As a phishing term directs towards the attack by hackers on a large number of accounts, spear phishing is a different practice in which specific individuals are targeted. Like, the net is used to catch bulk phishing by sending emails to as many potential victims as possible, spear-phishing refers to targeting one specific target with a spear.

Such attacks are even more dangerous than the simple phishing attack as your account becomes the victim of the mass spread of the virus or any other malicious attack and it would be easy to avoid it as other people involved might warn you or aware you, but a spear-phishing attack is specifically designed to attack your account and it might not be as a common one.

Business Email Compromise (BEC)

This comes under the umbrella of Phishing attacks which are quite common nowadays. BEC is considered any phishing attack where the attacker uses a spoofed, hacked, or impersonated corporate email address. This is the most sophisticated type of email attack, and many people get deceived by it. As the attacker uses the name of a company to make it look real, sometimes it becomes very difficult to determine whether the mail is real or fake.

Back in 2015, a Latvian cybercrime gang shook the world by the biggest cyberattack of all time. The gang scammed Google and Facebook out of around $120 million by impersonating their suppliers and sending fake invoices through emails. Thousands of people get victimized by this phishing attack Plus the number of such attacks is increasing every day.

Consequences of such email attacks

Email attacks can harm businesses as well as individuals in many ways, the most obvious reason for such attacks to access confidential data. When a business is attacked by an email attack, the chances are high that information related to customers and suppliers could be leaked, causing immense loss to the company. Plus, data breaches could also lead to regulatory fines, investigations, and class-action lawsuits.

Some of the email attacks aim to deposit a malicious payload on the device which a recipient is using, usually, the payload is some sort of malware. For example, spyware can log your online activity and keystrokes, a virus that could infect other devices on the network Ransomware. The most critical effect of an email account could be wire transfer fraud where attackers target transferring funds into their bank account.


The growing influence of types of email attacks mentioned above is increasing at an enormous pace and it is important to stay conscious and focused while handling email account. Unfortunately, if the hacked email account cannot be accessed, it becomes somewhat annoying. Particularly those with a long history of email correspondence, such as Yahoo email accounts. Visit to explore how you can delete one.


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