4 Best Free Resources That All Dementia Caregivers Must Know


Caregivers with Dementia likely to have a tough time and for this, they might need some other supporting resources to serve the best assistance to patients. Though, as being a dementia caregiver, one may feel alone and lost as barely anyone can understand through which situation a person is suffering. 

Although, there are different types of dementia conditions and for each one, the situation can be very different. A person could have facing diverse emotions and this may range from being despair and anxious to being frustrated. In all such situations, one needs multiple resources that can help an individual to boost confidence, overcome fear, and to feel less anxious. 

Here, we are mentioning some of the resources that can work best for dementia patients and may lead to making each one feel confident. Stay hooked and read below! 

Groups of Dementia Support          

Since providing home healthcare jobs in Houston is not easy hence, the support groups that are specifically made for dementia caregivers serve as one of the best sources for caregivers of dementia. Although, it is believed that helping patients to connect with caregivers who likely to go through the same situation assists in eliminating the factor of loneliness. Moreover, through joining such groups, the caregivers can also take wise advice from the professionals of dementia who are a part of that group. However, the Alzheimer’s connection likely to provide a thorough searchable database of support to groups that makes it easy for the caregivers who want to join an in-person group to look for a support group within their local regions. 

Alzheimer’s Association 24.7 Helpline 

Being a caregiver, dementia patients may have to go through situations where they have to take urgent help from their professionals, and thus, for this, opting for the Alzheimer’s Association 24.7 helpline which serves customers 7 days a week can be the best option. At this platform, the master’s level clinicians and specialists are available to assist caregivers. The helpline is supposed to offer help in education, local programs and services, legal and financial issues, and also in the decision-making process to all pediatric home healthcare in Houston. Moreover, at this platform, there is also an option of live chat available, however, for this facility, there are some time restrictions and it is only available five days a week, that is, from Monday to Friday.

Family Caregiver Alliance- Dementia Caregiver Resources 

The Family Caregiver Alliance offers an abundance of resources to professionals who likely to offer care to individuals with a range of health conditions, specifically the ones who are suffering from disabilities. This platform is a kind of section which is loaded with plenty of valuable guides that include; sheets and tips which assist caregivers to traverse the journey of caring for a loved one who is suffering from a struggling situation of dementia. On top of it, Family Caregiver Alliance also offers online support that helps them in connecting with others who are going through the same situation and need to overcome the situation. 

Cleveland Clinic- Healthy Brains 

This one serves as the most useful resource. The Cleveland Clinic’s Healthy Brains provides a facility of individualized brain health assessment equipment, tips for living a healthy lifestyle, and the latest news that focuses on the development of research along with the medicines. However, this interactive resource is considered powerful for both; caregivers and also for the ones who are suffering from the disease Alzheimer. It offers effective tips when it comes to deal with reducing the threat of developing dementia and also focuses on providing the latest news, concerning dementia. 

The aforementioned platforms and resources help individuals in dealing with the situation and handling patients in more efficient ways.  

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