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3 Powerful Ways SMS Marketing Companies Can Help Expand Your Business

When a text message reaches your phone, your first inclination is to see who has texted you. The reality is, everyone else around you — including your customers — feels the same way. And it’s why text message marketing, or SMS marketing, is a must-have for modern business.

Research shows that 77% of consumers opt to receive companies’ text messages for deals or coupons, and 50% choose to receive texts for personal alerts.

Text message marketing is one of the most efficient ways to increase customer engagement. And fortunately, SMS marketing companies can help you to use it to grow your business.

Here’s a rundown on three powerful ways SMS marketing companies can help to expand your business.

Let’s jump in!

  1. SMS Marketing Companies Can Help You to Send Out Captivating Offers

With the help of SMS marketing companies, such as Mobivate, you can send out offers that your subscribers will find irresistible.

For example, you may want to send the members of your text messaging program simple discount codes. A discount code could give a buyer a certain percentage off of an order. This tactic is an excellent way to get people to return to your site to make more purchases.

  1. Collect Feedback

Another great way to expand your business is to send out a text message that includes a link to a feedback form. This will allow your customers to quickly and easily share their experiences with your brand.

Make sure that your feedback form includes targeted questions. For instance, ask “Which features would you be interested in seeing in Product A?” Or, ask “How likely are you to recommend this product to a colleague or friend?”

Also, make sure that your feedback form is mobile optimized so that users can fill them out on their smartphones.

Gathering feedback will help you to improve what you are currently doing and correct any issues your users may be having. And this can help to enhance your reputation and bottom line long term.

  1. Send Out Reminders

With SMS marketing, you can also send out reminders of events that your business is hosting.

For instance, perhaps you’re hosting a webinar this week. You can remind consumers of this about one hour before your start time.

You may also send out reminders about giveaways or other events that you’re hosting on a social media platform.

Gentle reminders may increase the number of participants you have at your events. And more participants translate to more interactions and, in turn, future sales.

Start Marketing Using Texts Today!

With consumers spending hours on their phones daily, SMS marketing offers an excellent way for you to communicate with your prospective and current customers.

The good news is that you don’t have to manage your text message marketing yourself. SMS marketing companies can help you to decide what messages to send out and when. Follow the above-listed tips to start connecting with subscribers, building trust, and increasing sales this year.

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